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A series of publications from the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency on various aspects of nuclear science. The publications in this series (analytical reports and proceedings) provide research results and technical expertise in basic disciplines such as nuclear and radiation physics, thermal hydraulics, neutronics, fuel chemistry and material science which are needed to maintain a high level of performance and safety and to develop nuclear programmes.

Structural Materials for Innovative Nuclear Systems (SMINS-2)

Structural Materials for Innovative Nuclear Systems (SMINS-2)

Workshop Proceedings, Daejon, Republic of Korea, 31 August-3 September 2010 You do not have access to this content

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31 Dec 2012
9789264992092 (PDF)

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Materials research is a field of growing relevance for innovative nuclear systems, such as Generation IV reactors, critical and sub-critical transmutation systems and fusion devices. For these different systems, structural materials are selected or developed taking into account the pecificities of their foreseen operational environment. Since 2007, the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) has begun organising a series of workshops on Structural Materials for Innovative Nuclear Systems (SMINS) in order to provide a forum to exchange information on current materials research programmes for different innovative nuclear systems. These proceedings include the papers of the second workshop (SMINS-2) which was held in Daejon, Republic of Korea on 31 August-3 September 2010, and hosted by the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI).

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Table of Contents

Executive summary 11
OPENING SESSION. Chair: J.H. Hong, M-S. Yang  17
-KAERI welcome address, Y-J. Choi 19
-NEA welcome address 21
PLENARY SESSION I. Chairs: T. Allen, J-Y. Park 23
-Summary of international design needs for advanced reactors by J-H. Chang, D.H. Hahn 25
-Novel pathways for improving nuclear reactor structural materials performance by S. Zinkle  27
Session I: Metal − VHTR Environmental Effects and High-temperature Properties: Chairs: F. Balbaud-Célérier, S. Kislitsin 29
-VHTR materials issues by W.R. Corwin 31
-Environmental effects of nickel-based superalloys on mechanical properties for VHTR applications by C-H. Jang, D. Kim, D. Kim, I. Sah, M. Kim, W-S. Ryu, D.J. Yoon  33
-Optimisation of Ni-based Alloy 617 by K. Maile, E. Roos, A. Klenk, M. Hoffmann  39
-Fracture toughness of two advanced structural alloys by M.A. Sokolov  53
-High-temperature fracture toughness of Inconel 617 by R.K. Nanstad, M.A. Sokolov, R.N. Wright  55
-Oxidation behaviour of Alloy 617 during ageing at various temperatures by Y-D. Kim, T-S. Jo, J-H. Lim, J-Y. Park  57
Session II: Ceramics-composite: Chairs: C. Fazio, W.J. Kim 59
-Development of SiC f/SiC composite for innovative structural materials by J.Y. Park, W.J. Kim 61
-Irradiation-induced property change of C/C composite for application of control rod elements of very-high-temperature reactor (VHTR) by T. Shibata, J. Sumita, T. Takagi, T. Makita, K. Sawa, E. Kunimoto 69
-Behaviour of irradiated boron carbide by T. Donomae, K. Maeda 79
-Study of heavy ions irradiation on structure of triple titanium nitride basis coating by S. Kislitsin, K. Kadyrzhanov, V. Uglov, D. Rusalski, G. Abadias, S. Dub  87
-Diffusion of silver in zirconium carbide inside tristructural-isotropic nuclear fuel by Y-K. Yang, T. Gerczak, D. Morgan, I. Szlufarska, S-T. Kim, T. Allen  89
Session III: Metal − Materials Compatibility − Molten Salt and Sodium: Chair: Y. Dai 99
-Alloys compatibility with selected molten salt environments for molten salt fast reactor breeders and burners by V. Ignatiev, A. Surenkov 101
-Investigation on the compatibility of weldments of main component materials with sodium in the Chinese experimental fast breeder reactor (CEFR) by B. Long, Y. Xu, J. Zhang, H. Li, D. Zhang  121
PLENARY SESSION II . Chairs: Ph. Dubuisson, W.W. Kim 131
-Innovative fuels state-of-the-art assessment by K.O. Pasamehmetoglu, Ph. Dubuisson 133
-Super ODS steels R&D for fuel cladding of advanced nuclear systems by A. Kimura, R. Kasada, N. Iwata, J. Isselin, P. Dou, J.H. Lee, T. Okuda, M. Inoue, S. Ukai, S. Ohnuki, H. Sano, T. Fujisawa, F. Abe   135
Session IV: Metal − Materials Compatibility − LFR Corrosion. Chairs: M. Toloczko, S. Ukai 149
-Corrosion of structural materials in nuclear systems involving liquid metals by F. Balbaud-Celerier, L. Martinelli, F. Gabriel 151
-Effect of temperature and strain rate on the fracture toughness of T91 steel in lead-bismuth eutectic environment by G. Coen 153
-Effect of welding on corrosion properties of ferritic-martensitic steels in liquid lead-bismuth by A. Pramutadi, A. Mustari, M. Takahashi  155
-Development of alumina forming ferritic steels for lead-bismuth eutecticcooled applications by I-S. Hwang, J. Lim, S-G. Lee 165
-Corrosion barrier development using electron beams for application in lead alloys with focus on recent creep to rupture tests by A. Weisenburger, A. Jianu, A. Heinzel, M. DelGiacco, G. Muller, V.D. Markov, A.D. Kastanov  175
-Development of aluminium powder alloy coating for innovative nuclear systems with lead-bismuth by Y. Kurata, H. Sato, H. Yokota, T. Suzuki 177
Session V: Fundamental − Radiation Effects. Chairs: G.J. Ackland, J. Wallenius 189
-ODS ferritic-martensitic alloys for sodium fast reactor fuel pin cladding by Ph. Dubuisson, Y. de Carlan, V. Garat, M. Blat 191
-Materials issues in cladding and duct reactor materials by S.A. Maloy, M. Toloczko, J. Cole, T.S. Byun 193
-Radiation response of super ODS steels for fuel cladding of advanced nuclear systems by R. Kasada, J.H. Lee, A. Kimura, T. Okuda, M. Inoue, S. Ukai, S. Ohnuki, T. Fujisawa, F. Abe  195
-Formation of dislocation loops at the onset of plasticity during single crystal nanoindentation by C. Shin, Y. Osetsky, R. Stoller, J. Kwon 201
Session VI: General. Chair: S.S. Hwang 203
-Developing advanced nuclear structural materials for use in high-radiation environments: An Australian perspective by L. Edwards 205
-Development of materials for nuclear fusion reactors: Summary of the 14th International Conference on Fusion Reactor Materials by T. Shikama, T. Muroga  207
-Structural materials research in the Swedish GENIUS Project by J. Wallenius, N. Sandberg, P. Szakalos, A. Nordlund 209
PLENARY SESSION III. Chairs: S. Zinkle, C.H. Jang 211
-Binding of impurities in austenitic iron: An  ab initio study by G.J. Ackland, T.P.C Klaver, D.J. Hepburn 213
-Fission-fusion cross-cutting issues related to structural materials by F. Tavassoli 223
Session VII: Novel Materials − Nano-structured Materials. Chairs: A. Kimura, J.S. Jang 225
-Structural control and high-temperature strength of 9 Cr ODS steels by S. Ukai, R. Miyata, S. Hayashi, K. Tanaka, T. Kaito, S. Ohtsuka 227
-Development of cladding materials: Past and present experience by C. Fazio, J. Knebel  237
-Advances in the development of core and out-of-core structural materials for sodium-cooled fast reactors by M.D. Mathew, T. Jayakumar, B. Raj  251
Session VIII: Fundamental Radiation Effects − Helium Effect. Chairs: R. Nanstad, S-H. Chi 261
-Challenges of structural materials for applications in spallation targets of ADS by Y. Dai 263
-Hardening and microstructure of neutron- and ion-irradiated Fe-Cr alloys by C. Heintze, E. Altstadt, F. Bergner, M. Hernández Mayoral, M. Xie, U. Birkenheuer 265
-Microstructural evolution and void swelling in extra high purity Ni-based superalloy under multi-ion irradiation by G-H. Kim, K. Shiba, T. Sawai, I. Ioka, K. Kiuchi, J. Nakayama 273
-Effects of heat treatments on long-term creep properties of 9Cr-W-Mo-V-Nb steel by S. Obara, T. Wakai, T. Asayama, Y. Yamada, T. Nakazawa, M. Yamazaki, H. Hongo  281
POSTER SESSIONS. Chairs: T. Allen, J-Y. Park 297
Session I: Fundamental − Irradiation. Chairs: J-H. Kwon, G-G. Lee, C-S. Shin  299
-Multi-scale modelling approach to the estimation of radiation hardening of stainless steels in LWR and SFR environments by J-H. Kwon, G-G. Lee, C-S. Shin  301
-A study on the change of impact properties by neutron irradiation in modified 9Cr–1Mo steel by S-H. Kim, W-S. Ryu, Y-W. Kim  303
-Radiation response of ferritic/martensitic cladding steels by K. Field, A. Certain, Y. Yang, T. Allen 305
-Irradiation-induced shifts in master curve reference temperature of ferritic/martensitic steels and welds by J-H. Yoon, S-H. Kim, D-S. Kim, B-S. Lee, W-S. Ryu  307
-Mechanical properties of welded and irradiated 9Cr-1Mo-1W steel by D-W. Kim, S-H. Kim, W-S. Ryu  309
-Computer simulation on the isochronal annealing of irradiated Fe using the kinetic Monte Carlo method by G.G. Lee, J.H. Kwon 313
-Creep properties in air and helium environments of Alloy 617 For a VHTR by W.G. Kim, S.N. Yin, G.G. Lee, J.Y. Park, Y.W. Kim 315
Session II: Metal-Compatibility. Chairs: D.Y. Ku, M.Y. Ahn, I.K. Yu, S. Cho, H.G. Lee, K.J. Jung  317
-Thermal fatigue and thermal ageing test of low activation ferrite/martensitic steel for helium-cooled solid breeder TBM by D.Y. Ku, M.Y. Ahn, I.K. Yu, S. Cho, H.G. Lee, K.J. Jung 319
-Corrosion behaviour of 316LN in static liquid lead-bismuth eutectic X. Fu, B. Long, J. Zhang, F. Chu, Y. Xu, A. Gessi  321
-Compatibility of CLAM steel 9Cr2WVTa with flowing lead by J. Zhang, X. Fu, B. Long, F. Chu, Y. Xu, A. Gessi  323
-Ageing effects of nickel-based superalloys on mechanical properties for VHTR applications by D. Kim, I. Sah, C. Jang 325
-Effects of carburisation and decarburisation on the mechanical properties of nickel-based superalloys for VHTR applications by D. Kim, I. Sah, C. Jang 329
-Effect of He environment on the microstructure and creep properties of Inconel Alloy 617 at high temperature by G.G Lee, D.J. Kim, W.G. Kim, J.Y. Park  331
-Hydrogen effect on nickel and nickel oxide phase transition at hydrogenated water environment by H-O. Nam, I-S. Hwan, K-H. Lee 333
Session III: Ceramic. Chairs: E-S. Kim, S-H. Chi, Y-W. Kim 343
-Fracture behaviour of nuclear-grade graphite for VHTR by E-S. Kim, S-H. Chi, Y-W. Kim  345
-Property changes of nuclear grade Cf/C composite by oxidation by J-Y. Park, C-H. Jung, W-J. Kim, J. Sumita, T. Shibata, K. Sawa, I. Fujita, T. Takagi, T. Makita  347
-Properties of SiC/SiCf fabricated by slurry infiltration by G-Y. Gil, N. Alfian, D-H. Yoon, W-J. Kim, J-Y. Park 349
-Low-temperature sintering of SiC using ternary aluminium carbides by S-H. Lee, H-D. Kim  351
-Determination of the theoretical density and Young’s modulus of ceramic ZrO2 doped with neutron absorbers by Z. He, Z.L. Pan 353
Session IV: Novel Materials Pathways. Chairs: N.Y. Iwata, T. Liu, R. Kasada, A. Kimura, T. Okuda, M. Inoue, S. Ukai, S. Ohnuki, T. Fujisawa, F. Abe 365
-Influence of processing parameters on the microstructure and Charpy impact properties of ODS ferritic steels by N.Y. Iwata, T. Liu, R. Kasada, A. Kimura, T. Okuda, M. Inoue, F. Abe, S. Ukai, S. Ohnuki, T. Fujisawa  367
-Preliminary results of grain refinement of ODS alloy by equal channel angular pressing by J-S. Jang, M-H. Kim, C-H. Han, H-J. Ryu, X. Zhang, D. Foley, K.T. Hartwig 369
-Effect of different insert materials on transient liquid phase bonded ODS ferritic steels for advanced nuclear systems by S-H. Noh, R. Kasada, A. Kimura 371
-Fracture toughness and Charpy impact properties of cold-worked F82H steels by B-J. Kim, R. Kasada, H. Tanigawa, A. Kimura  381
-Study of optimum composition of extra high purity Ni-Cr-W-Si alloy for advanced reprocessing plant byI. Ioka, J. Suzuki, K. Kiuchi, J. Nakayama  391
-Effects of lower nitrogen and higher boron in ferritic/martensitic steels for a SFR fuel cladding by J-H. Baek, C.H. Han, J.H. Kim, T.K. Kim, W.G. Kim, S.H. Kim, C.B. Lee 401
-Hydrogen cracking of structural materials for innovative nuclear systems: Crack growth mechanism in metals by Y-S. Kim, S-S. Kim, D-W. Kim 403
-A spin-polarised potential for Fe with charge transfer by J. Wallenius, N. Sandberg, G. Ackland 405
Session V: General. Chairs: A. Zeman, N. Dytlewski, V. Inozemtsev, G. Mank, F. Mulhauser, D. Ridikas, A. Stanculescu 407
-IAEA activities on co-ordinated research of structural materials for advanced reactor systems by A. Zeman, N. Dytlewski, G. Mank, F. Mulhauser, D. Ridikas, A. Stanculescu, V. Inozemtsev  409
-Contribution of ITER to research of internal component materials by C.S. Kim, V. Barabash, M. Merola, R. Raffray 417
Annex 1: List of participants 433

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