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A series of publications from the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency on various aspects of nuclear science. The publications in this series (analytical reports and proceedings) provide research results and technical expertise in basic disciplines such as nuclear and radiation physics, thermal hydraulics, neutronics, fuel chemistry and material science which are needed to maintain a high level of performance and safety and to develop nuclear programmes.

Status Report on Structural Materials for Advanced Nuclear Systems

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Nuclear Energy Agency

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07 Jan 2014
9789264208551 (PDF)

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Materials performance is critical to the safe and economic operation of any nuclear system. As the international community pursues the development of Generation IV reactor concepts and accelerator driven transmutation systems, it will be increasingly necessary to develop advanced materials capable of tolerating the more challenging environments of these new systems. The international community supports numerous materials research programmes, with each country determining its individual focus on a case-by-case basis. In many instances, similar alloys of materials systems are being studied in several countries, providing the opportunity for collaborative and cross-cutting research that benefits different systems.

This report is a snapshot of the current materials programmes supporting the development of advanced concepts. The descriptions of the research are grouped by concept, and national programmes
are described within each concept. The report provides an overall sense of the importance of materials research worldwide and the opportunities for synergy among the countries represented in this overview.


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Table of Contents

1. Introduction to advanced nuclear systems 9
-1.1 Gas-cooled systems: VHTR and GFR 9
-1.2 Sodium-cooled systems 10
-1.3 Lead-cooled systems: LFR and ADS 10
-1.4 Other systems: MSR and SCWR 11
2. Gas-cooled systems: GFR and VHTR 13
-2.1 France 13
-2.2 Japan 21
-2.3 Republic of Korea 23
-2.4 Switzerland  24
-2.5 United States 27
3. Sodium-cooled systems 29
-3.1 France 29
-3.2 Japan 35
-3.3 Republic of Korea 38
-3.4 United States – clad and duct materials 39
-3.5 United States − structural materials 42
4. Lead-cooled systems: LFR and ADS 47
-4.1 Belgium 47
-4.2 Italy  53
-4.3 Japan 54
-4.4 Switzerland 56
-4.5 Europe − European Facility for Industrial Transmutation (EFIT) 60
5. Other systems: MSR and SCWR 73
-5.1 Generation IV nuclear systems  73
-5.2 France − thorium nuclear fuel cycle and the MSRs 76
-5.3 Supercritical-water-cooled reactor 79
6. Conclusion 85
-6.1 Main issues of the materials for advanced nuclear systems 85
-6.2 Summary of material requirements for various advanced nuclear systems 86
Appendix I: Research activities on materials for Generation IV nuclear systems in the United Kingdom  89
Appendix II: List of materials database (2012)  101
List of contributors 103
Members of the Expert Group on Innovative Structural Materials 105

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