SATIF-3 Shielding Aspects of Accelerators, Targets and Irradiation Facilities

SATIF-3 Shielding Aspects of Accelerators, Targets and Irradiation Facilities

Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan 12-13 May 1997 You do not have access to this content

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25 Mar 1998
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Particle accelerators have evolved over the last 50 years from simple devices to powerful machines, and will continue to have an important impact on research, technology and lifestyle. Today, they cover a wide range of applications, from television and computer displays in households to the investigation of the origin and structure of matter. It has become common practice to use them for material science and medical applications.
In recent years, requirements from new technological and research applications have emerged, giving rise to new radiation shielding aspects and problems. These proceedings review recent progress in radiation shielding of accelerator facilities, evaluate advancements and discuss further developments needed with respect to international co-operation in this field.

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Session I: Source Term and Related Data - Electron Accelerator
Gas Bremsstrahlung and Narrow Beam Dosimetry
-Some Preliminary Results about Narrow Beam Dosimetry by M. Pelliccioni
-Measurement of Gas Bremsstrahlung from the Insertion Device Beam Lines of the Advanced Photon Source by M. Pisharody, P.K. Job, S. Magill, J. Proudfoot and R. Stanek
-Photoneutron and Photopion - DDX and Spectrum
-Status of Nuclear Data Evaluation for JENDL Photonuclear Data File by T. Fukahori
-PICA95: An Intranuclear-Cascade Code for 25 MeV to 3.5 GeV Photon-Induced Nuclear Reactions by C.Y. Fu, T.A. Gabriel and R. A. Lillie
-Total Gian Resonance Photonuclear Cross-Sections for Light Nuclei: A Database for the FLUKA Monte Carlo Transport Mode by A. Fasso, A. Ferrari, and P.R. Sala
Session II: Source Term and Related Data - Proton and Ion Accelerator
Thin Target Yield Measurements and Compilation
-Summary of Compiled Experimental Data from Intermediate Energy Neutron and Proton Interacctions with Different Nuclides (EXFOR Database) by P. Nagel and P. Vaz
Thick Target Yield Measurements and Compilation
-Thick Target Yield Measurements in TIARA, KEK, and HIMAC by K. Shin, S. Ono, K. Ishibashi, S. Meigo, H. Takada, N. Sasa, H. Nakashima, S. Tanaka, N. Nakao, T. Kurosawa, T. Nakamura, and Y. Uwamino
Spallation Neutron Source Facility
Radiation Physics of High Power Spallation Targets: State of the ARt Simulation Methods and Experiments, The "European Spallation Source" (ESS) by D. Filges, P. Cloth, R-D Neef and H. Schaal
-Overview of the National Spallation Neutron Source with Empahsis on the Target Station by T. A. Gabriel, J.N. Barnes, L.A. Charlton, J. DiStefano, K. Farrell, J. Haines, J.O. Johnson, L.K. Mansur, S.J. Pawel, M. Siman-Tov, R. Taleyarkhan, M.W. Wendel, T. J. McManamy, M.J. Rennich and A.Williams
-Overview of the Sp[allation Neutron Source Project in JHF by M.Furusaka and H. Ikeda
Session III: Shielding
Intercomparison of Neutron Transmission Benchmark Analyses for Iron and Concrete Shields in Low, Intermediate, and High Energy Proton Accelerator Facilities by Y. Nakane, Y. Sakamoto, K. Hayashi, and T. Nakamura
-Intercomparison of the Medium-Energy Neturon Attenuation in Iron and Concrete by H. Hirayama
-Bulk Shielding Experiments at TIARA and ISIS by Y. Sakamoto, H. Nakashima, Y. Uwamino, N. Nakao, H. Handa, T. Nakamura, and T. Shibata
Session IV- Miscellaneous Topics - Part I
Neutron Facility for Shielding and Cross-Section Experiments in Japan by T. Nakamura, M. Takada, N. Nakao, M. Baba, T. Iwasaki, H. Nakashima, Sh. Tanaka, S. Meigo, Y. Sakamoto, Y. Nakane, Su. Tanaka, Y. Uwamino and N. Nakanishi
-Recent Results at the CERN-EC High Energy Reference Field Facility by C. Birattari, T.Rancati, A. Ferrari, M. Hofert, T. Otto, and M. Silari
-The Response Functions of a 3He Bonner Spectrometer and Their Experimental Verification in High Energy Neutron Fields by V. Mares, A. Sannikov, and H. Schraube
-Re-Calculation of Energy Response of Tissue Equivalent Proportional Counter for Neutron above 20 MeV by A. G. Alexeev, S. Kharlampiev, and T. Kosako
Miscellaneous Topics - Part II
Test of Activation Detectors (Bi and A1) as Neutron Spectrometer in the Range 6 to 140 MeV by N. Pauwels, F. Clapier, P Gara, J. Proust, T. Nakamura and E. Kim
-Computer Version of the Handbook on Radionuclide Production Cross-Sections at Intermediate Energies (the Nuclex Code) by V. I. Ivanov, N. M. Sobolevsky, and V. G. Semenov
-Conversion Coefficients for High Energy Radiation by M. Pelliccioni
-Overview of Fluence to Dose Equivalent Conversion Coefficients for High-Energy Radiations - Calculational Methods and Results of Effective Dose Equivalent and Effective Dose per Unit Particle Fluence by S. Iwai, T. Uehara, O. Sato, N. Yoshiza

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