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A series of publications from the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency on various aspects of radiation protection. In some cases they are conference proceedings and in other analytical reports. They provide information on the regulation and implementation of the system of radiological protection.

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Radiological Impacts of Spent Nuclear Fuel Management Options

Radiological Impacts of Spent Nuclear Fuel Management Options

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16 June 2000
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Given its potential significance for public health and the environment, the impact of radioactive releases during important steps of nuclear energy production must be considered when selecting among different fuel cycles. With this in mind, the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) has undertaken a comparative study of the radiological impacts of two main fuel cycle options: one with and one without reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel. The study compares the respective impacts of the two options based on generic models and assumptions as well as actual data. It concludes that the difference between them is not significant.

A wealth of recent data assembled and evaluated by an international expert team is provided in annex.

Also available in: French
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Table of Contents

Executive Summary
1. Scope of the Study
2. the Principles of Radiological Protection
3. Fuel Cycle Facilities and Radioactive Discharges
4. Dose Estimation for Workers
5. Methodology for Generic Dose Assessment
6. Dose Estimation for the Public
7. Conclusions
Members of the Expert Group
Annex A. Technical, Site-Specific Information
Annex B. Generic Dose Assessment of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Annex C. Glossary and Conversion Factors