Radioactive Waste Management

Nuclear Energy Agency

1990-0325 (online)
1990-0333 (print)
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A series of publications from the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency on various aspects of radioactive waste management. The publications in this series of analytical reports and conference proceedings focus on the development of strategies for a safe, broadly acceptable management of sustainable and all types of radioactive waste and materials.

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R&D and Innovation Needs for Decommissioning Nuclear Facilities

R&D and Innovation Needs for Decommissioning Nuclear Facilities You do not have access to this content

Nuclear Energy Agency

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25 Aug 2014
9789264222199 (PDF)

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Nuclear decommissioning activities can greatly benefit from research and development (R&D) projects. This report examines applicable emergent technologies, current research efforts and innovation needs to build a base of knowledge regarding the status of decommissioning technology and R&D. This base knowledge can be used to obtain consensus on future R&D that is worth funding. It can also assist in deciding how to collaborate and optimise the limited pool of financial resources available among NEA member countries for nuclear decommissioning R&D.

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Table of Contents

Executive summary 9
1. Introduction 11
-Background 11
-Overall scope and objectives 13
-Method of working 14
-Structure of the report 14
-Summary of common decommissioning practices 15
-Challenges for decommissioning and dismantling of nuclear facilities 17
2. Characterisation and survey prior to dismantling 23
-Theme overview 23
-Suggested additional research and development  31
-Suggested areas of future collaboration 58
3. Technologies for segmentation and dismantling 61
-Theme overview 61
-Suggested additional research and development 71
4. Decontamination and remediation 85
-Theme overview 85
-Suggested additional research and development 88
-Suggested areas of future collaboration 136
5. Materials and waste management 137
-Theme overview 137
-Suggested additional research and development 141
-Suggested areas of future collaboration 186
6. Site characterisation and environmental monitoring 187
-Theme overview 187
-Suggested additional research and development 193
-Suggested areas of future collaboration 239
7. Conclusions  241
References  243

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