Physics and Fuel Performance of Reactor-Based Plutonium Disposition

Physics and Fuel Performance of Reactor-Based Plutonium Disposition

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02 Sep 1999
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Following recent disarmament agreements, the Russian Federation and the USA have declared part of their stockpiles of weapons-grade plutonium as a surplus to their national defense needs. This material needs to be disposed of, and one of the suggested means of doing so is burning it in existing reactors and transforming the material into spent fuel. The experience in these two countries with mixed oxide fuel (MOX) is either dated or scarce. Several European countries and Japan, however, have acquired much experience in using MOX fuel in reactors which was shared at this important workshop.

This publication presents the workshop results which reviewed existing technical information from the civil nuclear power programmes that are beneficial to weapons-grade plutonium disposition. It also proposes concrete actions that could help expedite this process in the near future.

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Session I: Reactor-Based Weapons-Grade Plutonium Disposition in the USA and the Russian Federation
he United States Reactor-Based Plutonium Disposition Programme by S. R. Greene
-Status of the Russian Fderation Reactor-Based Plutonium Disposition Programme by P. N. Alekseev, A. M. Pavlovitchev, and N. N. Ponomarev-Stepnoi
Session II: National Programmes in Using MOX Fuel
Belgium Programmes for MOX Fuel Validation by Th. Maldague, M. Lippens, K. van der Meer, and H. Abderrrahim
-Plutonium Recycling and Use of MOX Fuel in PWR - EDF Operating Experience by J. L. Provost
-German Know-How on Pu Recycling and its Utilisation for Disposition of Weapons-Grade Pu by G. J. Schlosser
-Research and Development Works for MOX Fuel in LWRs by H. Ikeda, H. Tajiri, and K. Mori
-Some Experience from Introducing MOX Loadings in Swiss Nuclear Power Plants by A. Stanculescu
-Disposition of Excess Weapons Plutonium as MOX Fuel in CANDU Reactors by D. S. Cox and R. D. Gadsby
-The Actvities of the European Commission (EC) in Support of Russian Ex-Weapons Plutonium Reactor-Based Disposition by M. Defrennes, D. Gambier, and L. Tocheny
-ISTC Projects on Weapons Pu Disposition by Nuclear Reactors by M. Takano and L. Tocheny
-Status of IAEA MOX Activities by J> S.Choi, V. Onoufriev, and P. Menus
-OECD/NEA Activities on MOX Issues by K. Hesketh and E. Sartori
Session III: MOX Fuel Behaviour
MOX Fuel Performance: BELGONUCLEAIRE Views by M. Lippens and Y. Vanderborck
-Behaviour of MOX Fuel as Compared to UO2 Fuel by Y. Guerin, D. Lespiaux, C. Struzik, and L. Caillot
-MOX Fuel Performance Assessments at the Halden Reactor Project by W. Wiesenack
-Behaviour of Zircaloy Cladding in the Presence of Gallium by D. F. Wilson, J. R. DiStephano, J>P. Strizak, J. F. King, and E. T. Manneschmidt
Session IV: Physics of MOX Loaded Reactors
The VENUS Critical Facility: Experimental Techniques Used and REsults of the Most REcent Programme VIPEX by K. Van der Meer, Th. Maldague, and D. Marloye
-Reactor Physics of Plutonium Disposition in PWR and FR by M. Delpech, J. Tommasi and A. Zaetta
-Study on Plutonium Burning in a Fast Reactor by T. Wakabayashi, S. N. Hunter, and K. Sugino

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