Nuclear Regulation

Nuclear Energy Agency

Challenges in Long-term Operation of Nuclear Power Plants
1990-0791 (online)
1990-0805 (print)
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This series of books from the Nuclear Energy Agency examines various aspects of effective and efficient nuclear regulation. It includes conference proceedings and analytical reports.
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    21 Sep 2012 Click to Access:  Challenges in Long-term Operation of Nuclear Power Plants
This document contains a compilation of consensus guidance for approval of long-term operation of nuclear power plants.
    12 Nov 2007 Click to Access:  Transparency of Nuclear Regulatory Activities
This workshop proceedings identifies a common understanding of transparency and main stakeholders' expectations in the field of nuclear safety, together with a number of conditions and practices aimed at improving the transparency of nuclear...
    24 May 2006 Click to Access:  Building, Measuring and Improving Public Confidence in the Nuclear Regulator
This workshop proceedings identifies a number of common principles for the communication of nuclear regulatory decisions that can be recommended to all regulators.
    26 May 2003 Click to Access:  The Regulatory Challenges of Decommissioning Nuclear Reactors
This report describe the broad range of safety, environmental, organisational, human factors and public policy issues that may arise during the decommissioning of nuclear reactors and that the regulatory body should be prepared to deal with in the...
    18 May 2001 Click to Access:  Investing in Trust: Nuclear Regulators and the Public
These workshop proceedings provide an exchange of information and views on how national nuclear regulatory organisations can improve their interface with the public.
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