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1996-2932 (online)
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The Nuclear Energy Agency's annual "brown book" provides readers a comprehensive and easy-to-access overview of the current situation and expected trends in various sectors of the nuclear fuel cycle. It includes data on total and nuclear electricity generation and generation capacity, nuclear power plants by development stage, and data on uranium resources, production, conversion, and enrichment, spent fuel storage and reprocessing.

Nuclear Energy Data 2005

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English, French
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09 June 2005
9789264011014 (PDF) ;9789264011007(print)

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This 2005 edition of Nuclear Energy Data, the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency’s annual compilation of essential statistics on nuclear energy in OECD countries, offers a projection horizon lengthened to 2025 for the first time.  It presents the reader with a comprehensive overview on the status and trends in nuclear electricity generation in OECD countries and in the various sectors of the nuclear fuel cycle.

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Table of Contents

Nuclear Capacity and Electricity Generation
-Figure: Nuclear Power Share of Total Electricity Production in OECD Countries
-Table 1. Total and Nuclear Electricity Generation
-Table 2. Total and Nuclear Electricity Capacity
-Figure: Trends in Total and Nuclear Electricity Generation
-Figure: Trends in Total and Nuclear Electricity Capacity
-Figure: Age Distribution of Nuclear Units by OECD Regions
-Table 3.1. Nuclear Power Plants by Development Stage
-Table 3.2. Nuclear Power Plants Connected to the Grid
-Figure: Number of Units and Nuclear Capacity in OECD Regions
-Figure: Number and Capacity of NPPs Connected to the Grid by Type of Reactor
-Schematic Diagram of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Nuclear Fuel Cycle Requirements
-Table 4.1. Uranium Resources
-Table 4.2. Uranium Production
-Table 4.3. Uranium Requirements
-Table 5.1. Conversion Capacities
-Table 5.2. Conversion Requirements
-Table 6.1. Enrichment Capacities
-Table 6.2. Enrichment Requirements
-Table 7.1. Fuel Fabrication Capacities
-Table 7.2. Fuel Fabrication Requirements
-Table 8.1. Spent Fuel Storage Capacities
-Table 8.2. Spent Fuel Arisings
-Figure: Conversion and Enrichment Capacities and Requirements
-Table 9. Reprocessing Capacities

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