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The Economics of the Back End of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle
1990-066X (online)
1990-0678 (print)
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A series of publications from the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency on various aspects of nuclear development. The publications in this series provide authoritative, reliable information on nuclear technologies, economics, strategies and resources to governments for use in policy analyses and decision making.

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    07 Jan 2014 Click to Access:  The Economics of the Back End of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle
This report offers an appraisal of economic issues and methodologies for the management of spent nuclear fuel and high-level waste from commercial power reactors.
    23 Sep 2013 Click to Access:  Nuclear Energy Today (Second Edition)
This book provides an up-to-date assessment of the safety, competitiveness, and sustainability of nuclear energy today.
    11 Apr 2012 Click to Access:  Nuclear Education and Training
This report provides a qualitative characterisation of human resource needs and appraises instruments and programmes in nuclear education and training initiated by various stakeholders in different countries.
    15 Dec 2011 Click to Access:  Trends towards Sustainability in the Nuclear Fuel Cycle
This report reviews developments in the fuel cycle over the past ten years, potential developments over the next decade and the outlook for the longer term.
    23 June 2011 Click to Access:  The Supply of Medical Radioisotopes
This report provides the findings and analysis of two years of extensive examination of the 99Mo/99mTc supply chain by the OECD/NEA High-level Group on the Security of Supply of Medical Radioisotopes (HLG-MR).
    13 Dec 2010 Click to Access:  The Security of Energy Supply and the Contribution of Nuclear Energy
This study, which examines a selection of OECD member countries, qualitatively and quantitatively validates the assumption that, as a largely domestic source of electricity with stable costs and no greenhouse gas emissions during production, nuclear...
    10 Sep 2010 Click to Access:  Radioactive Waste in Perspective
This study puts the management of radioactive waste into perspective by contrasting features of radioactive and hazardous wastes and their management policies and strategies, and by examining the specific case of the wastes resulting from carbon...
    01 Dec 2009 Click to Access:  The Financing of Nuclear Power Plants
This study examines the financial risks involved in investing in a new nuclear power plant, how these can be mitigated, and how projects can be structured so that residual risks are taken by those best able to manage them.
    07 Apr 2009 Click to Access:  Strategic and Policy Issues Raised by the Transition from Thermal to Fast Nuclear Systems
Identifies and analyses key strategic and policy issues raised by a transition from thermal neutron reactors to fast neutron reactors, and provides guidance to decision makers on the best approaches for implementation.
    01 Sep 2008 Click to Access:  Market Competition in the Nuclear Industry
With renewed expansion of nuclear power now anticipated, this study examines competition in the major nuclear industry sectors at present, and how this may change with a significant upturn in demand.
    14 May 2008 Click to Access:  Timing of High-level Waste Disposal
This study identifies key factors influencing the timing of high-level waste (HLW) disposal and examines how social acceptability, technical soundness, environmental responsibility and economic feasibility impact on national strategies for HLW...
    20 June 2007 Click to Access:  Risks and Benefits of Nuclear Energy
This report examines various aspects of nuclear and other energy chains for generating electricity, and provides illustrative examples of quantitative and qualitative indicators for those chains with regard to economic competitiveness, environmental...
    19 Apr 2007 Click to Access:  Management of Recyclable Fissile and Fertile Materials
Interest in nuclear energy continues to grow in many countries as a means to ensure security of energy supply and to limit greenhouse gas emissions from the power sector. In this context, recyclable materials constitute an asset for broadening the ...
    22 Feb 2007 Click to Access:  Innovation in Nuclear Energy Technology
This report provides an overview of the state of the art in nuclear innovation systems, including their driving forces, main actors, institutional and legal frameworks, and infrastructure for knowledge and programme management.
    24 Nov 2006 Click to Access:  Forty Years of Uranium Resources, Production and Demand in Perspective
This Red Book Retrospective gives a full historical profile of the world uranium industry in the areas of exploration, resources, production, reactor-related requirements, inventories and price.
    16 Oct 2006 Click to Access:  Nuclear Power Plant Life Management and Longer-term Operation
This book contains data and analyses relevant to nuclear power plant life management and the plants' extended, longer-term operation (LTO). It addresses technical, economic and environmental aspects and provides insights into the benefits and...
    29 May 2006 Click to Access:  Advanced Nuclear Fuel Cycles and Radioactive Waste Management
This study analyses a range of advanced nuclear fuel cycle options from the perspective of their effect on radioactive waste management policies.
    18 Feb 2005 Click to Access:  Beneficial Uses and Production of Isotopes
This publication presents a comprehensive and up-to-date survey of isotope production capabilities and uses in the world and an analysis of issues related to isotope production and use including transportation, sealed source accountability ...
    15 Oct 2004 Click to Access:  Nuclear Competence Building
This report presents the result of an international survey on recent initiatives in the area of nuclear education and training.
    30 Sep 2003 Click to Access:  Nuclear Energy Today
This book provides an up-to-date review of the status of nuclear energy, as well as a report on the outcome of recent research and development on the nuclear fuel cycle and reactor technologies.
    04 Sep 2003 Click to Access:  Decommissioning Nuclear Power Plants
Many nuclear units are now approaching retirement. This report provides information on policies, strategies and costs based upon data provided by 26 countries and analysed by government and industry experts. It covers a variety of reactor types and sizes.
    17 Mar 2003 Click to Access:  Society and Nuclear Energy
This report is based upon an in-depth analysis of research work and published literature on risk perception and communication, public participation in policy and decision making and the evolution of public opinion on nuclear energy.
    31 Jan 2002 Click to Access:  Environmental Remediation of Uranium Production Facilities
This report provides a summary of the most relevant issues and practices in remediation programmes of uranium production facilities and an overview of activities and plans in reporting countries.
    14 Dec 2001 Click to Access:  Trends in the Nuclear Fuel Cycle
This report provides a description of the developments and trends in the nuclear fuel cycle that may improve the competitiveness and sustainability of nuclear generating systems over the medium and long term. It also presents criteria and indicators...
    13 Aug 2001 Click to Access:  Management of Depleted Uranium
This study contains information on current inventories of depleted uranium, potential future arisings, long-term management alternatives, peaceful use options and country programmes. In addition, it explores ideas for international collaboration and...
    10 Jan 2001 Click to Access:  Nuclear Power Plant Life Management in a Changing Business World
These conference proceedings examine the status of PLIM activities in OECD Member countries and to develop a set of recommendations through separate working groups focusing on technology, regulation and business.
    10 Jan 2001 Click to Access:  Beneficial Uses and Production of Isotopes
This publication provides up-to-date information on the current status of, and trends in, isotope uses and production. It also presents key issues, conclusions and recommendations, which will be of interest to policy makers in governmental bodies,...
    16 Aug 2000 Click to Access:  Nuclear Education and Training
This publication conveys the results of a pioneering survey on nuclear education and training in almost 200 organisations in 16 countries. It presents the current situation and examines causes for concern. It also provides recommendations.
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