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A series of publications from the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency on various aspects of radiation protection. In some cases they are conference proceedings and in other analytical reports. They provide information on the regulation and implementation of the system of radiological protection.

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Methodologies for Assessing the Economic Consequences of Nuclear Reactor Accidents

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25 Apr 2000
9789264181472 (PDF) ;9789264176584(print)

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For practical reasons, the consequences of nuclear reactor accidents are often measured in economic terms. Figures currently available, however, show significant discrepancies. For this reason, the NEA created an expert group to investigate the methodologies used in calculating the economic consequences of accidents, and the bases for such methodologies. Calculation methods were assessed according to three end uses: for compensation and liability purposes; for accident preparedness and management purposes; and for making electricity-generation choices. The group concluded that comparing numerical results is very difficult, even for estimates made from the same perspective, as they are strongly dependent on "boundary" conditions (such as the accident scenarios used, plant characteristics and amount of radioactive material released). This book provides a summary of the group’s findings and will be of interest to decision makers, experts and accident-consequence modellers.

Also available in French
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Table of Contents

Executive Summary
-Joint NDC/CRPPH Expert Group on the Methodologies for Assessing the Consequences of Nuclear Reactor Accidents
-Scope of the Report
-Report Organization and Structure
Cost Elements of Consequence Assessment Models
-Definitions in the Evaluation of Economic Consequences
-Boundaries and Limitations of the Estimation of Economic Consequences
-Cost of Countermeasures
-Cost of Radiation-Induced Health Effects
-Indirect or Secondary Effects
Perspectives of Cost Assessment
-Introduction: Cost Assessment Perspectives
-The Accident Preparedness and Management Perspective
-The Compensation Perspective
-The Power Generation Choice Perspective
Current Models and Codes for the Assessment of Economic Consequences
-Intercomparison Exercises
-Model Capabilities and Limitations
Consequences and Recommendations

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