Ion and Slow Positron Beam Utilisation

Ion and Slow Positron Beam Utilisation

Costa da Caparica, Portugal, 15-17 September 1998 You do not have access to this content

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06 May 1999
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The use of ion beams in nuclear research is well established, with many facilities and networks of experts active in the field. Applications for ion beams are expanding, in particular in the development of new materials, biotechnology and the creation of new isotopes. Positron beams are likewise a very powerful tool for observing and influencing microscopic material structures, as well as for medical diagnosis.

The combined utilisation of ion and positron beams is expected to open up new horizons in the areas of material science and biotechnology. These proceedings provide an overview of the latest developments in this field, and highlight areas for future international co-operation.

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Session 1. Opening
Opening Remarks by C. Nordborg (Abstract)
-Status of Ion Beam Application Research in Europe by J. C. Soares (Abstract)
Session II. Application of Positron Beams
Industrial Use of Positron Annihilation Technicque Carried Out at the University of Tsukuba by S. Tanigawa
-The Positron Microprobe: An Instrument for Non-Destructive Material Testing by K. Maier
-Design Study for the Positron Factory in Japan by S. Okada, H. Sunaga, H. Kaneko, H. Takizawa, A. Kawasuso, and K. Yotsumoto
Session III. Combined Use of Ion and Positron Beams
Positron Beam Analysis of Ion Implantation Defects in Silicon and Metal Oxides by A. van Veen, H. Schut, and P. E. Mijnarends
-Some Results in Combined Use of Ion and Positron Beams at JAERI by S. Okada, A. Kawasuso, H. Arai, M. Maekawa and M. Kondo
-Preparation of an Intense Positron Souce by Electro-Deposition by Y. Itoh, T. Nozaki, A. Goto, I Fujiwara, and R. Iwata
Session IV. Material Science Studies Using Positron, Stable, and Radioactive Ion Beams
Combined Ion Beam and Hyperfine Interaction Studies of LiNbO, Single Crystals by J. G. Marques, A.King, L. Rebouta, M. F. da Silva, and J. C.Soares
-High Te Superconductors Studies with Radioactive Ion Beams at ISOLDE by J G. Correia, IS360 Collaboration, ISOLDE Collaboration
-Sapphire Behaviour Under Heavy Ion Implanatation by E. Alves, M. F. da Silva, and J. C. Soares
-Modification and Characterisation of Al Surfaces Implanted with Cr Ions by R. C. da Silva, L. M. Prudencio, M.F. da Silva, and J. C. Soares
-Design and Applications of Microprobes for Materials Analysis by M.B.H. Breese, L. C. alves, M. R. Silva, M. F. da Silva, and J. C. Soares
-Initial Results with a Variable Energy Positron System at Coimbra by A. P. de Lima, C. Lopes, Gil, P.M.Gordo, and M. Duarte Naia
-Initial Results with a Variable Energy Positron System at Coimbra by A. P. de Lima, C. Lopse Gil, P. M. Gordo and M. Duarte Naia
Session V. Application of Ion Beams Including Radioactive Beams
The Useof Ion Beam Analysis in the Synthesis of Materials: A Review of the Determination of Light Elements by High-Energy Resonant Backscattering by M. Nastasi
-Pore Structure Determination in Porous Silicon by Resonant Backscattering Spectrometry by F.Paszti, E. Szilagyi, A. Manuaba, Z. E. Horvath, G. Battistig, Z. Hajnal, and E. Vazsonyi
-Narrow Nuclear Resonances and their Application in Ion Beam Analysis by G. Battistig, I.C. Vickridge, and G. Amsel
-Ion Beam Irradiation of Polymers by I.T.S. Garcia, F. C. Zawislak, D. Samios, E. Alves, M. F. da Silva, and J. C. Soares
-Radiation Damage, Lattice Site Occupation and Electrical Conductivity of Ion Implanted Rutile by O. Meyer, R. Fromknecht, and I. Khubeis
-A 3 MV Tandem Accelerator at Seville: The First IBA Facility in Spain by M. A. Respaldiza, F. J. Ager, M. Barbadillo-Rank, J. Garcia-Lopez, F. J. Madrigal, and M. D. Ynsa
-Electron Emission from Hollow Atoms Formed Below a Surface by N. Stolterfoht, M. Grether, D. Niemann, J.-H. Bremer, and M. Rosler
Session V. Application of PET
Accelerators Used for Routine Production of PET Radioisotopes by F. Tarkanyi and F. Szelecsenyi
-Production of Radiotracers for PET by S. M . Qaim
-PET Instrumentation, Modelling, and Clinical Application by H. Herzog

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