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This series of books from the Nuclear Energy Agency examines various aspects of effective and efficient nuclear regulation. It includes conference proceedings and analytical reports.
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Investing in Trust: Nuclear Regulators and the Public

Investing in Trust: Nuclear Regulators and the Public

Workshop Proceedings Paris, France 29th November-1st December 2000 You do not have access to this content

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18 May 2001
9789264193154 (PDF) ;9789264193147(print)

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Good governance and efficiency in decision making by governmental authorities are increasingly dependent upon mutual trust and confidence between those authorities and the public. This workshop provided an opportunity to exchange information and views on how national nuclear regulatory organisations can improve their interface with the public.

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Table of Contents

-Summary Report by J. Laaksonen
-Opening Remarks by L. E. Echavarri
Session 1: Keynote Papers
-Objectives of the Workshop by J. Laaksonen
-Responsible Openness: An Imperative for the U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission by R. A. Meserve
-Challenge for the Reconstruction of Public Confidence by S. Matsuura
-A Proactive Public Information Policy: A Key Element for Regulatory Independence and Credibility by J. M. Kindelan
-The Oversight of Nuclear Safety: A Mission in the Service of the Public by J. Melin
-Communicating with the Public: NRPB Experience and Future Plans by J. R. Croft
-The Public Information Imperative by S. Copeland
-Main Results of a Survey on the Interaction between Nuclear Regulators and the Public by A. Jorle
Session 2: Opportunity or Nightmare?
-Taling with the Public about Regulating High-Level Waste Disposal: Recent Progress in Risk Communication by C. W. Reamer, J. P. Kotra, and T. Bloomer
-Public and Media Relations: Satisfying Expectations by T. Varjoranta and H. Hautakangas
-Preparation + Consulations = Better Regulation by W. Bines
-The Principle of Public Access to Official Documents in Sweden by I. Persson
-Recent UK Experience of Involving the Public in Decisions on Radioactive Discharges by C. J. Weedon, A. McGoff , M. Bower, and R.E. Smith
Session 3: Defining Identities
-Features and Abilities of a Trustworthy Regulatory by S. Pretre
-Identifying Public Groups/Elected Citizens vs. Concerned Groups by O. Soderberg
-The Challenge of Interacting with the Public on Nuclear Emergency Preparedness and Iodine Prophylaxis by L. Van Bladel, A. Pauwels and P. Smeesters
-Nuclear Installations Inspectorate. A Public Opinion Survey by S. E. Lennie and A. G. Davies
Session 4. Drawing the Line
-The Role of the Nuclear Safety Authority as a Supervisor at the Service of the Public by A.-C. Lacoste
-Maintaining Public Confidence in UK Nuclear Safety Regulation by L. Williams
-Considering Public Confidence in Developing Regulatory Programs by S. J. Collins
-Reaching Out to Multiple Stakeholders: EPA's Public Outreach and Communications Program for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant by R. Ferguson and C. Malina
-Communicating with the Public on Radiation Issues by J. Edwards
Session 5: Sharing Experience
-Food and Agriculture - Who Trusts Who? by P. S. Gray
-Nuclear Facility Projects in Finland: Quality of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Processes by A. Vaatainen
-The 14 October 1999 Nuclear Accident Simulation Drill at Nogent-sur-Seine NPP. Role of the Local Information Committee by G. Ancelin
-Challenges and Experience of the CSN Public Information Centre by P.G. Sotero, A. Sevilla, L. G. Gajate, and J. Reig
-A Korean Experience in Communication to the Public - The Heavy Water Leak at Wolsong NPP in 1999 by K. S. Choi
-IAEA Activities on Communication of Nuclear Safety Issues by P. Wieland
-The NEA/RWMC Forum on Stakeholder Confidence - Overview of First Meeting and Workshop by Y. Le Bars, C. Pescatore and H. Riotte
Session 6: Working Together as Regulators
-Why It Is So Important to Promote Communication in the Decision-Making Process by C. Viktorsson
-Working Together in the Future: Next Steps by S. Copeland
Concluding Panel
List of Participants

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