Radioactive Waste Management

Nuclear Energy Agency

1990-0325 (online)
1990-0333 (print)
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A series of publications from the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency on various aspects of radioactive waste management. The publications in this series of analytical reports and conference proceedings focus on the development of strategies for a safe, broadly acceptable management of sustainable and all types of radioactive waste and materials.

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Guide for International Peer Reviews of Decommissioning Cost Studies for Nuclear Facilities

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06 Feb 2015
9789264229907 (PDF)

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Peer reviews are a standard co-operative OECD working tool that offer member countries a framework to compare experiences and examine best practices in a host of areas. The OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) has developed a proven methodology for conducting peer reviews in radioactive waste management and nuclear R&D. Using this methodology, the NEA Radioactive Waste Management Committee’s Working Party on Decommissioning and Dismantling (WPDD) developed the present guide as a framework for decommissioning cost reviewers and reviewees to prepare for and conduct international peer reviews of decommissioning cost estimate studies for nuclear facilities. It includes checklists that will help national programmes or relevant organisations to assess and improve decommissioning cost estimate practices in the future. This guide will act as the NEA reference for conducting such international peer reviews.

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Table of Contents

Foreword 3
Acknowledgements 3
1. Introduction 7
-1.1 Objective 7
1.2 Scope 7
-1.3 International peer reviews under the aegis of the NEA 7
-1.4 Organisation of this report 8
2. Conducting international peer reviews 9
-2.1 Practical aspects 9
-2.2 The review process 10
3. Reviewing the contents of a cost study report 13
-3.1 Statement of the class of the estimate 13
-3.2 Purpose and scope identified 14
-3.3 Legal and regulatory framework for decommissioning 14
-3.4 Decommissioning strategy by phase 15
-3.5 Project management approach 16
-3.6 Assumptions 20
-3.7 Cost estimating methodology 22
-3.8 Physical description of the facility and characterisation data 23
-3.9 Quality of the data 26
-3.10 Dismantling sequence and approach 28
-3.11 Baseline schedule estimate 28
-3.12 Contingency 29
-3.13 Allowances 30
-3.14 Risk analysis 30
-3.15 Decommissioning techniques and technologies employed 31
-3.16 Baseline cost estimate 33
4. Comparing with other estimates – benchmarking 35
-4.1 Similar facilities – size and complexity 35
-4.2 Adjustments for year of expenditure 37
-4.3 Ten external factors for benchmarking 37
5. Conclusions 39
6. References 41
7. Further reading 43
8. List of abbreviations and acronyms 45
Appendix A – Peer review team qualifications 47

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