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A series of publications from the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency on various aspects of radioactive waste management. The publications in this series of analytical reports and conference proceedings focus on the development of strategies for a safe, broadly acceptable management of sustainable and all types of radioactive waste and materials.

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Geological Repositories

Geological Repositories

Political and Technical Progress - Workshop Proceedings Stockholm, Sweden 7-10 December 2003 You do not have access to this content

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02 Mar 2005
9789264008311 (PDF) ;9789264008304(print)

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This conference proceedings brings together the latest knowledge on political and technical progress in geological repositories for radioactive waste.  It presents perspectives from a variety of countries and stakeholders, examines international instruments being used to facilitate the implementation of geological repositories, and assesses scientific progress and pending technical issues.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Introductory Session
-Geological Repositories: Political and Technical Progress by C. Thegerstrom
-Geological Repositories: The Latest Nuclear Frontier by M. El Baradei
-Introduction to the Conference from the Perspective of the OECD/NEA by L. Echavarri
-Keynote Address by C. Anstrand
Plenary Session I. International Perspectives on Geological Disposal and Waste Management Policies, Part I
-Guidelines for a European Union Waste Management Policy by C. Waeterloos
-From Atoms for Peace to the Next Nuclear Era: The Role of National Repositories by K. C. Brill
-Present Situation and Perspectives of China's Geological Disposal for High-Level Radioactive Waste by H. Zhang
Plenary Session II. International Perspectives on Geological Disposal and Waste Management Policies - Part II
-New Elements in German Radioactive Waste Management by W. Renneberg
-Perspectives on Geological Disposal and Waste Management in Japan by A. Morishima
-Geological Disposal of Nuclear Waste Management Policies - French Perspectives by B. Frois
-Final Disposal of Spent Fuel in Finland by J. Manninen
-The Evolving Image and Role of the Regulator for Implementing Reponsitories for Nuclear Waste and Spent Nuclear Fuel by J. Melin
-Challenges to a Successful Waste Management Programme by Y. Le Bars
-Summary of Day 1 - International Perspectives by A. Baer
Session 1. The Long-Term Safety and Security of Geological Disposal
-Long-Term Safety and Security, the Rights of Future Generations: The Results of EKRA Studies on Choices for the Long-Term Management of Radioactive Waste by M. Aebersold
-Opportunities for National Repositories to Resolve Security Challenges of Past, Present, and Future Nuclear Eras by T. L. Sanders
-Handling Long-Term Timescales: Approaches and Issues inthe Context of Geological Disposal by P. De Preter, P. Smith, and S. Voinis
-International Progress in Performing Long-Term Safety Analysis by C. Pescatore, S. Voinis, and A. Van Luik
-Ecological Aspects of the Radiation-Migration Equivalence Principle in a Closed Fuel Cycle and its Comparative Assessment with the ALARA Principle by P. P. Poluektov, A. V. Lopatkin, B. V. Nikipelov, V. I. Rachkov, L. P. Sukhanov, and S. V. Voloshin
Session 2. Stakeholder Involvement, Part I
-Status of HLW Generation and Storage in Japan by K. Tomon
-Local Partnerships: Stakeholder Involovement in Low-Level Waste Disposal by V. Vanhove, E.. Hooft, and A. Bergmans
-Stakeholder Involvement in the United Kingdom by C. Murray
-The NEA Forum on Stakeholder Confidence: Its Actvities and Main Lessons by Y. Le Bars, C. Pescatore, and C. Mays
-Stepwise Decision Making for the Long-Term Management of Radioactive Waste by C. Pescatore and A. Vari
Session 3. Stakeholder Involvement - Part II.
-Radioactive Waste Management: The Decision Making Process by F. Dose
-Eurojoki: The Most Electric Municipality in Finland by A. Lucander
-Siting of a Final Repository for Low- and Intermediate-Level Waste in Korea by M. J. Song
-Experience of the Municipalities of Oskarshamn and Osthammar in the Process of the Siting of a Final Repository for Spent Fuel in Sweden by M. Widen-Berggren, and P. Wretlund
Session 4. International Instruments to Facilitate the Implementation of Geological Repositories
-Outcome of the First Review Meeting of the Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management by G. Linsley
-The Development of International Safety Standards on Geological Disposal by T. McCartin
-IAEA Safeguards for Geological Repositories by B. Moran
-Finnish Approach to Safeguard in the Context of Geological Disposal of Spent Nuclear Fuel by T. Honkamaa
-The Nuclear Liability Conventions as Applied to Radioactive Waste Geological Repositories: the Test of Time by P. Reyners
Session 5. Contribution of RD&D
-Overview of Progress Achieved on Scientific Issues since the 1999 Denver Conference and Review of Key Pending Issues by P. Zuidema
-The Needs and Uses of International Databases for Making a Safety Case for Disposal by H. Umeki and M. Yui
-Pending Technical Issues by T. Aikas
-The Role and Limitation of Underground Research Laboratories for Geological Disposal of Nuclear Waste and Spent Nuclear Fuel by O. Toverud
-The Role and Limitation of Underground Research Laboratories to Foster Development of Expertise, Information Exchange, Transfer of Knowledge, and Confidence Building through International Cooperation by C. Svemar
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