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1990-0791 (online)
1990-0805 (print)
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This series of books from the Nuclear Energy Agency examines various aspects of effective and efficient nuclear regulation. It includes conference proceedings and analytical reports.
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Challenges in Long-term Operation of Nuclear Power Plants

Challenges in Long-term Operation of Nuclear Power Plants

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Nuclear Energy Agency

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21 Sep 2012
9789264991873 (PDF)

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This document contains a compilation of consensus guidance for approval of long-term operation of nuclear power plants. This guidance is presented as fundamental and key principles that should govern decisions on authorisation for long-term operation. These principles allow for differences in national regulatory strategies and expectations while ensuring that safe performance can be achieved in long-term operation.

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction 7
2. Principles related to the regulation of long-term operation 9
-2.1. Fundamental principle 9
-2.2. Key principles 9
3. Regulatory challenges and considerations 13
-3.1. Developing a regulatory framework compatible with long-term operation 13
-3.2. Defining the scope of the regulatory assessment for long-term operation 16
-3.3. Assessing the safety basis of long-term operation 21
-3.4. Ensuring oversight of the plant in long-term operation 25
4. Summary and recommendations  27
Appendix A: Typical regulatory approaches for assurance of safety in long-term operation 29

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