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1990-066X (online)
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A series of publications from the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency on various aspects of nuclear development. The publications in this series provide authoritative, reliable information on nuclear technologies, economics, strategies and resources to governments for use in policy analyses and decision making.

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Beneficial Uses and Production of Isotopes

Beneficial Uses and Production of Isotopes

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18 Feb 2005
9789264008823 (PDF) ;9789264008809(print)

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This publication presents a comprehensive and up-to-date survey of isotope production capabilities and uses in the world and an analysis of issues related to isotope production and use including transportation, sealed source accountability, maintaining the government role, and third party liability concerns.

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Table of Contents

I. Isotope Production
-Production in 2002
-Isotope Production by Reactors
-Production by Accelerators
-Separation of Isotopes from Fission Products
-Separation of Transuranic Elements and Alpha-Emitters
-Stable Isotope Production
-Future Production
II. Isotope Uses
-Medical Applications
-Scientific/Research Applications
III. Issues Related to Isotope Production and Use
-Sealed Source Accountability
-Maintaining Governmental Role
-Third-Party Liability Concerns
-Concluding Remarks
-Flow Diagram of Isotope Production, Manufacturing, Applications and Waste Management
-Research Reactors Producing Is
-Accelerators Producing I
-Countries that Responded to the Questionnaire
-Common Medical Isotopes Produced in Reactors and Their Uses
-Common Medical Isotopes Produced in Accelerators and Their Uses
-List of Non-Governmental Organisations Relevant to the Production and Use of Iso
-Working Group Members
-Grouping of Countries and Areas

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