External Trade Bulletin of the Arab Region

English, Arabic
2412-1886 (online)
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This Bulletin presents data and statistical indicators on external trade in goods in the member countries of the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA). The data for this series have been primarily drawn from national sources and from secondary sources when needed. The aim of this Bulletin is to provide detailed data on intra-regional and international trade in member countries for policymakers, analysts, researchers and other users at the national, regional and international levels.
External Trade Bulletin of the ESCWA Region, Fifteenth Issue

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English, Arabic
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28 Jan 2009
9789211562422 (PDF)

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The Bulletin includes statistical data and indicators on the international trade in goods of ESCWA member countries, based primarily on national sources, with additional material provided by secondary sources. Data presented includes summary tables on overall trade, trends and share of the region in total world trade as well as data on intraregional trade and on the direction of trade of ESCWA member countries with other countries and regions during the period 2001-2005. This bilingual publication contains information in Arabic and English.

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