Yearbook of the International Law Commission

2412-1525 (online)
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Following a request by the International Law Commission, the General Assembly, in resolution 987 (X) of 3 December 1955, requested the Secretary-General to arrange for publishing an annual publication entitled Yearbook of the International Law Commission, containing the principal documents and summary records relating to each ILC session. It has since been published annually in two volumes in respect of each session.
Also available in French, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese
Yearbook of the International Law Commission 2000, Vol. II, Part 1

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03 Feb 2010
9789213620823 (PDF)

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This volume contains the summary records of the meetings of the fifty-second session of the Commission with the corrections requested by members of the Commission and such editorial changes as were considered necessary. The issues discussed at that session included: State responsibility; unilateral acts of States; nationality in relation to the succession of States; prevention of transboundary damage from hazardous activities; diplomatic protection; reservations to treaties and long-term programme of work of the Commission.

Also available in Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese
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