Women Entrepreneurs in Small and Medium Enterprises

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08 Apr 1998
9789264162785 (PDF) ;9789264160408(print)

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In the current era of globalisation, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are recognised as major players in innovation and job creation. Furthermore, entrepreneurship is no longer a male preserve: although few women can be found at the head of large companies, an increasing number are taking up the challenge of creating and managing their own businesses.

This conference proceedings explores the phenomenon of women entrepreneurs in small and medium entreprises, examining such issues as governmental support, networks, doing business overseas, starting businesses, and financing.

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Table of Contents

-Message from Joanna Shelton, Deputy Secretary-General of the OECD
-Message from Cherie Piebes, IBM Global Marketing Executive
-Women Entrepreneurs in SMEs: Key Messages
-Chapter 1. Synthesis
-Chapter 2. Women Entrepreneurs in SMEs: A Vision for the Future by Rona F. Feit
-Chapter 3. The Office of Women's Business Ownership in the US Small Business Administration: A Case Study by Sherrye Henry
-Chapter 4. The Role of Networks by Amy Millman
-Chapter 5. The National Association of Women Business Owners by Suzanne Taylor
-Chapter 6. Investing and Doing Business Overseas: An Australian Perspective by Angeline Low
-Chapter 7. A Resource Perspective on Women's Entrepreneurship: Research, Relevance, and Recognition by Candida G. Brush
-Chapter 8. Globalisation and International Trade by Andrina G. Lever
Chapter 9. Women Starting New Businesses: the Experience in Norway and the United States by Nancy M. Carter and Lars Kolvereid
-Chapter 10. Strengths of Women and Opportunities for SMEs in International Trade by Ingrid Andersson
-Chapter 11. Women-Owned Business and Access to Markets by Anthony J. DeLuca
-Cahtper 12. Funding for Women Entrepreneurs: A Real - Though Disputed - Problem by Patricia Mahot
-Chapter 13. SMEs in the Philippines by Zenaida Gonzales Gordon
-Chapter 14. The Dialogue between the OECD Countries and the Transition and Developing Economies: An Indian Experience by Uma Reddy

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