Trade and Competition

Trade and Competition

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26 June 2003
9789264102798 (PDF) ;9789264102781(print)

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This publication presents a synthesis of recent work of the OECD Joint Group on Trade and Competition focussing on the interface between these two policy domains against the backdrop of an increasingly globalised economy. A Global Forum hold on May 2003 presented an occasion to explore some of the complex issues arising at the trade and competition interface.

It also contains a report of those discussions prepared by Dr. Simon Evenett of the World Trade Institute. This book is structured around a number of key themes, including capacity building, combatting hard core cartels, co-operation between competition authorities and core principles for a multilateral framework.

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Table of Contents

Foreword by H. Schlogl
Issues for Trade and Competition in the Global Context: Synthesis Note
-1. Core Principles of Non-Discrimination, Transparency, and Procedural Fairness in a Multinational Framework on Competition
-2. Effective Action against Hard Core Cartels
-3. Special and Differential Treatment
-4. Voluntary Cooperation in Competition Law Enforcement
-5. Peer Review and Other Possible Compliance Mechanisms in the Trade and Competition Context
-6. Capacity Building and Progressive Reinforcement of Competition Institutions. Report of the Rapporteur by Simon J. Evenett
-Session I. Clarification of the Core Principles
-Session II. Hard Core Cartels
-Session III. Voluntary Cooperation in Competition Law
-Session IV. Capacity Building and Progressive Reinforcement of Competition Institutions
-Session V. Peer Review and Other Compliance Mechanisms
Closing Remarks by Frederic Jenny

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