Governance of Innovation Systems: Volume 2

Governance of Innovation Systems: Volume 2

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15 Nov 2005
9789264013452 (PDF) ;9789264013445(print)

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This book presents case studies of governance of innovation policy in selected OECD countries. It reviews the ongoing changes in these countries with a focus on providing an analysis of governance challenges, institutional changes and policy learning practices. The book provides fresh insight into the emerging third-generation of innovation policy and how governments strive for making innovation policy more coherent.

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary by Patries Boekholt, Pim den Hertog, and Svend Otto Remoe
Part 1. Adapting Institutions in Innovation Policy
-Chapter 1. Profiling and Assessing Innovation Governance in Greece: Do Increased Funding and the Modernisation of Governance Co-Evolve? by Lena Tsipouri and Mona Papadakou
-Chapter 2. Governance and Institutional Change in Ireland by Rachel Hilliard and Roy Green
-Chapter 3. Evolution of the Korean National Innovation System: Towards an Integrated Model by Yoo Soo Hong
-Chapter 4. Policy Making in a Competitive Environment: Governance in the Austrian STI Policy Framework by Leonhard Jorg
-Chapter 5. Changing Governance for Innovation Policy Integration in Finland by Marja Hayrinen-Alestalo, Antti Pelkonen, Tuula Teravainen and Sampo Villanen
-Chapter 6. Japan's Industrial Technology and Innovation Policies and the Effects of "Agentification" by Bunro Shiozawa and Tagui Ichikawa
Part 2. Integrating Policies for Innovation
- Chapter 7. Shaking Up the Dutch Innovation System: How to Overcome Inertia in Governance by Patries Boekholt and Pim den Hertog
-Chapter 8. Governing Fragmentation: The Case of Norway by Svend Otto Remoe
-Chapter 9. The End of an Era? Governance of Swedish Innovation Policy by Jennie Granat Thorslund
-Chapter 10. Frameworks for Horizontal Innovation Policy in New Zealand by Julian Williams
-Chapter 11. Governing Innovation Policy: The Australian Experience by Mel Timson and Nathan Rudder
-Chapter 12. Towards a Third-Generation Innovation Policy in Flanders: Policy Profile of the Flemish Innovation System by Jan Larosse

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