Fostering Public-Private Partnership for Innovation in Russia

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27 June 2005
9789264009660 (PDF) ;9789264009653(print)

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The engines of economic growth in Russia remain concentrated in industries dependent on exports of raw commodities.  To achieve sustainable long-term growth, Russia needs to diversify its economic activities, and boosting innovation needs to be a central objective of the diversification.  This book assesses the strengths and weaknesses of the Russian innovation system and formulates concrete policy recommendations with a focus on public-private partnerships.

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Table of Contents

Main Findings and Policy Recommendations
Chapter 1. From Steady to Sustainable Growth: The "Diversification through Innovaton" Imperative
Chapter 2. The Russian Innovation System: Main Features, Strengths, Weaknesses
Chapter 3. Russian Innovation Policy: Achievements and Shortcomings
Annex 1. Complementary Statistics and Information
Annex 2. List of "Megaprojects"
Annex 3. International Conference on Public-Private Partnerships for Innovation Programme

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