Structural and Demographic Business Statistics

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The Structural and Demographic Business Statistics database provides data from 1990 at a very detailed sectoral level including: turnover, value-added, production, operating surplus, employment, labour costs and investment broken down by sector and business size classes using the International Standard of Industrial Classification Revision 3 (ISIC Rev. 3) for OECD countries.

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Keywords:  structural business, business demography, statistics, business, SSIS, enterprises

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This dataset provides quarterly data on the number of enterprise entries, enterprise exits and the number of bankruptcies. This indicator is disaggregated by:

  • Grand total and Total (corporations only).

Since new and young firms contribute critically to job creation, innovation and growth, observing recent trends of firm formation provides valuable information to policy makers.

Keywords:  firm formation, bankruptcy, firm death, new firms, young firms, firm exit
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