STAN: OECD Structural Analysis Statistics

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The Structural Analysis Statistics enable researchers to analyse industrial performance at a relatively detailed level of activity across countries. It includes annual measures of output, labour input, investment and international trade. The industry list, based on ISIC Rev. 3, provides sufficient detail to enable users to highlight high-technology sectors and is compatible with those used in related OECD databases. STAN is primarily based on Member countries' annual national accounts by activity tables and uses data from other sources, such as national industrial surveys and censuses, to estimate any missing detail. Since many of the data points in STAN are estimated, they do not represent official Member country submissions.

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This dataset includes statistics on import content of exports with respect to the STAN input-output tables describing the sale and purchase relationships between producers and consumers within an economy. They can be produced by illustrating flows between the sales and purchases (final and intermediate) of industry outputs or by illustrating the sales and purchases (final and intermediate) of product outputs. The import contents of export indicator represents the degree of vertical specialization. The contribution that imports make in the production of exports of goods and services.
Also available in French
Keywords:  manufacturing, goods, statistics, STAN, vertical specialization, industry flows, agriculture, mining, services, imports, sale, purchase, consumers, producers, exports
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