Benchmarking Industry-Science Relationships

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11 Mar 2002
9789264175105 (PDF) ;9789264197411(print)

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Stronger interactions between science and industry underpin growth in a knowledge economy. A comparison of the intensity and quality of industry-science relationships (ISR) in OECD countries shows that many countries are lagging behind in mobilising science for innovation. The report benchmarks OECD countries’ ISR, identifies relevant good practices in managing the interface between public research and the business sector, and provides a framework for monitoring and assessing evolving policies in the area.

The report presents an in-depth comparative study of ISR in France and the United Kingdom and a special chapter on Japan.

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Table of Contents

Part I. Benchmarking Industry-Science Relationships: Rationale, Methodology, and Results by Jean Guinet with Mario Cervantes
-Chapter 1. The Growing and Changing Role of Industry-Science Relationships in Innovation-Led Growth
-Chapter 2. Benchmarking Industry-Science Relationships
-Chapter 3. Pilot Studyon France and the United Kingdom
Part II. Country Studies
-Chapter 4. Industry-Science Relationships in France by Remi Barre
-Chapter 5. Industry-Science Relationships in the United Kingdom by John Rigby
-Chapter 6. Industry-Science Relationships in Japan by Luke Georghiou

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