Privatising State-Owned Enterprises

Privatising State-Owned Enterprises

An Overview of Policies and Practices in OECD countries You do not have access to this content

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18 Nov 2003
9789264104099 (PDF) ;9789264104082(print)

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This report contributes to the dissemination of information on OECD privatisation methods and techniques. It primarily draws upon information that has accumulated during the course of the life of the OECD Privatisation Network and its outreach activity. It also uses information from the Advisory Group on Privatisation, from case examples and from member countries. This report focuses on the implementation aspects of privatisation in the OECD experience.

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary
1. An Overview of Privatisation Policies in OECD Countries
1.1. Policy Context and Privatisation Objectives
1.2. Scale and Key Features of Privatisation in the OECD Area
1.3. Empirical Evidence on the Effects of Privatisation
2. Implementation Methods and Techniques
2.1. Key Components of the Privatisation Process
2.2 Privatisation Methods
2.3. Post-Privatisation Control Devices
Annex 1. The OECD Advisory Group on Privatisation
Annex 2. Publications Based on AGP Work and Meetings

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