Privatisation, Competition and Regulation

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08 Feb 2000
9789264180581 (PDF) ;9789264171152(print)

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Over the past decade, privatisation has increasingly taken place in the public utility sector. Technological advances and policy shifts have diminished the perception that public utilities are natural monopolies requiring state ownership. However, the privatisation of such state-owned monopolies raises important regulatory issues. In particular, there should be an adequate regulatory framework to promote competition and, especially if rigorous market competition is lacking, to protect the interests of consumers. Therefore, privatisation needs to be pursued in tandem with competition-enhancing policy and the design of an adequate post-privatisation regulatory framework. This volume brings together a number of papers discussing the interrelationship among privatisation, competition and regulation. The papers make reference to the experience of different countries with privatisation in a wide range of infrastructure sectors.

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Table of Contents

-Introductory Note
-Privatisation of Public Utilities: The OECD Experience by Stilpoon Nestor and Ladan Mahboobi
-Privatisation and Competition: The Evidence from Utility and Infrastructure Privatisation in the United Kingdom by Stuart Holder
-Evidence from Utility and Infrastructure Privatisation in Chile by Pablo Serra
-Privatisation Methods and their Impact on Competition: The Brazilian Experience by Stefan Bogdan Salej
-The Role of the Regulatory Environment in Fostering Innovation and Growth by Mark Dutz
-Competition and Regulation in Public Utilities by Alberto Heimler
-Annex I. Regulation of Water Distribution in Argentina by Mariana Conte Grand
-Annex II. Policy Issues in Telecommunications Reform: The Netherlands by robert C. G. Haffner

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