OECD Reviews of Risk Management Policies

1993-4106 (online)
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This series presents a series of books examining the management of risk by governments in such areas as natural disasters, climate change, information security, nuclear energy, biotechnology and financial services.
OECD Reviews of Risk Management Policies: Japan 2009

OECD Reviews of Risk Management Policies: Japan 2009

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25 Feb 2009
9789264050303 (PDF) ;9789264056398(print)

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Damages to economic assets resulting from natural disasters have soared in the past fifteen years, and climate change models forecast intensified exposure to extreme weather in many OECD countries. This OECD review of risk management policies focuses on Japan, because the geography, topography and climate of its national territory subject it to serious natural hazards, especially seismic activity and typhoons. The report looks at Japan’s policies in the areas of monitoring, preparing for and responding to floods and earthquakes, seeking out and identifying good practices and areas where improvements could be made. The case studies consider several issues of particular interest to policy makers, such as how to take climate change into account for long term policy planning related to large scale floods, and Japan’s unique earthquake insurance scheme for damages whose probability and impact are hard to accurately assess.
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Table of Contents

Acronyms and Organisations Cited
Executive Summary
Chapter 1. Introduction: Flood Risks in Japan
Chapter 2. Integrated Approach to Flood Risk Management
Chapter 3. Risk Assessment and Communication
Chapter 4. Flood Prevention and Damage Mitigation
Chapter 5. Emergency Response
Chapter 6. Recovery
Annex I.1. Basin Territory River Administration in France
Annex I.2. The United Kingdom Administration of Flood Risk Management
Annex I.3. Flood Protection and Climate Change - the Bavarian Adaptation Strategy
Annex I.4. The United Kingdom Use of Flood Risk Maps
Annex I.5. International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine
Annex I.6. The Dutch System for Emergency and Crisis Management
Annex I.7. Administrative Organisation of Emergency Response in Sweden
Annex I.8. Post-Disaster Experiences Collection and Communication in France
Annex I.9. The Post-Disaster Recovery Stage: A Step towards Enforcement of Risk Culture
Annex I.11. Self-Assessment Questionnaire
Annex I.12. List of Institutions Interviewed
Executive Summary
Chapter 7. Introduction: Seismic Risks in Japan
Chapter 8. The General Policy Framework
Chapter 9. Risk Assessment and Communication
Chapter 10. Disaster Prevention
Chapter 11. Emergency Preparedness and Response
Chapter 12. Post-Event Issues
Annex II.1. Methodology
Annex II.2. Self-Assessment Questionnaires
Annex II.3. List of Institutions Interviewed
Annex II.4. Members of the Steering Group

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