OECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform

1990-0481 (online)
1563-4973 (print)
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This series presents the results of country peer reviews of regulatory reform in OECD countries. They present an integrated assessment of regulatory reform in framework areas such as the quality of the public sector, competition policy and enforcement, and market openness. They also contain chapters on sectors such as telecommunications, electricity, road and rail freight, and an assessment of the macroeconomic context for reform. The policy recommendations present a balanced plan of action for both short and longer term based on best international regulatory practices.

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OECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform: Korea 2007

OECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform: Korea 2007

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19 Mar 2007
9789264032064 (PDF) ;9789264032057(print)

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Korea was among the first countries reviewed in the OECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform Series. Since the first review in 2000, Korea has made bold efforts to enhance conditions for long term growth: promoting regulatory reform, cutting red tape, strengthening competition policy and market openness. The Korean government has also modernised  its regulatory framework for information technologies, an area where Korea plays a leading role among OECD countries. This publication assesses progress since 2000 and analyses many of the lessons of implementation of regulatory reform. It highlights possible responses to current challenges. These include the pressures of an ageing society, future welfare needs and human capital development. The study includes a new special chapter on tertiary education, where improvements in the regulatory framework can yield significant benefits for future innovation and productivity.
Also available in French, Korean
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Table of Contents

 Chapter 1. Korea Monitoring Exercise: Synthesis
 Chapter 2. Government Capacity to Assure High Quality Regulation
 Chapter 3. Competition Policy
 Chapter 4. Market Openness
 Chapter 5. Telecommunications
 Chapter 6. The Tertiary Education System

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