OECD e-Government Studies

1990-1054 (online)
1990-1062 (print)
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A series of reports on e-government in OECD countries. In some cases they are syntheses of seminars on various aspects of e-government and in other cases they report on the results of country peer reviews of e-government policies.

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OECD e-Government Studies: Mexico 2005

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25 Aug 2005
9789264010727 (PDF) ;9789264010710(print)

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This review is the first study that undertakes an in-depth analysis of e-government in Mexico from a whole-of-government perspective.  Mexico completed the initial phase of setting up and delivering e-government services successfully, but the continuing public demands to improve government have made the country realise the importance of refocusing the strategy to find a way of making e-government improve the overall quality of government. This report analyses and assesses these challenges and provides a set of proposals for action to deal with the most actual and pressing questions of e-government in Mexico.  It systematically looks at the structure and context for e-government, the case for e-government, external barriers to e-government, planning and leadership, organisational change, collaboration fostered by e-government, making government more customer-focused through e-government, and monitoring and evaluation.  This book includes case studies, a statistical annex, and a bibliography.
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Table of Contents

Assessment and Proposals for Action
Chapter 1. E-Government Structure and Context
Chapter 2. The Case for E-Government
Chapter 3. External Barriers to E-Government
Chapter 4. Planning and Leadership
Chapter 5. Organisational Change
Chapter 6. E-Government Collaboration
Chapter 7. User-Focused E-Government
Chapter 8. Monitoring and Evaluation
Next Steps
Annex A. Case Studies
Annex B. Statistical Annex
Annex C. Methodology
Annex D. Glossary

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