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1990-1054 (online)
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A series of reports on e-government in OECD countries. In some cases they are syntheses of seminars on various aspects of e-government and in other cases they report on the results of country peer reviews of e-government policies.

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OECD e-Government Studies: Hungary 2007

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01 June 2007
9789264030527 (PDF) ;9789264030510(print)

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E-Government in Hungary has been driven by the overarching national goal to integrate Hungary in the European Union. Strong political leadership has lead to results in a short space of time, including the online availability of 20 core e-government services benchmarked by the EU, as well as other transactional services.  The review draws several important lessons from the Hungarian experience: Hungary has moved forward by adopting international good practices, rather than re-inventing the wheel. In order to continue progress, however, Hungary needs to focus on the bigger picture which means using e-government to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the public sector, i.e. better government, not more government.  This review also identifies the challenges that Hungary will face in order to meet these new objectives.
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Table of Contents

Assessments and proposals for action
Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Challenges to E-Government
Chapter 3. E-Government Leadership
Chapter 4. Implementation
Chapter 5. Collaboration Frameworks
Chapter 6. Outputs and Outcomes
Annex A. Assessments and Proposals for Action
Annex B. Hungary E-Government Indicators
Annex C. Hungary Political and Adminstrative System
Annex D. E-Government Reports, Decisions, Strategies, and Acts
Annex E. Case Studies
Annex F. Methodology
Annex G. Glossary
Annex H. Bibliography
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