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General government consists of central, state and local governments and the social security funds controlled by these units. General government accounts presents data on fiscal balance, debt, revenues, expenditure, costs and reserves of governments. Central government consists of the institutional units making up the central government plus those non-profit institutions that are controlled and mainly financed by central government. The political authority of central government extends over the entire economy. Central government can impose taxes on all residents and non-resident units engaged in economic activities within the country.

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Reserve assets are assets that are readily available to and controlled by monetary authorities for direct financing of payment imbalances. Reserve assets may be monetary gold, special drawing rights (SDRs), a reserve position in the International Monetary Fund (IMF), foreign exchange assets consisting of currency and deposits and securities, and other claims. This indicator is measured in SDRs. The IMF determines the value of SDRs daily by totalling the USD value (based on market exchange rates) of a weighted basket of currencies. The basket and weights are subject to periodic revision.

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