Corporate Governance, State-Owned Enterprises and Privatisation

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03 Apr 1998
9789264162730 (PDF) ;9789264160750(print)

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How can the efficiency of state-owned enterprises be improved? What effects do privatisation policies have on corporate governance in privatised enterprises? What role do employees play in corporate governance? This report examines these issues and provides recommendations.

This publication presents the papers of the OECD conference on "State-Owned Enterprises, Privatisation and Corporate Governance" which took place in Paris on 3 and 4 March 1997. It brings together contributions from different countries highlighting different approaches to governance in state-owned enterprises and the impact of the choice of privatisation method on post-privatisation corporate governance and performance. Special attention is paid to the experience of Canada, France, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

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Table of Contents

-State Ownership, Corporate Governance, and Privatisation by Saul Estrin
-State Owned Enterprise Governance: Focus on Economic Efficiency by Jim Brumby and Michael Hyndman
-The Privatisation Process and Corporate Governance: The French Case by Francois Morin
-Corporate Governance and Privatisation via Initial Public Offering by Tim Jenkinson
-The Costs and Benefits of Public Sector Holding Companies (PSHCs) by Harry Baumann
-How Do Employees Own Their Workplace? by Brendan Martin

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