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This series of books addresses issues related to corporate governance including such issues as board composition and nomination, the role of institutional investors, board incentives, risk management and  supervision and enforcement.

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Corporate Governance in Asia

Corporate Governance in Asia

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01 Aug 2001
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Poor corporate governance was identified as one of the root causes of the recent Asian financial crisis. The absence of effective disciplines on corporate managers, coupled with complicated and opaque relationships between corporations, their owners and their finance providers, affected severely investors’ confidence in the region’s corporate sectors. Economies that took early steps to improve corporate governance have been recovering from the crisis at a more rapid pace than those who have not addressed this issue. The Asian crisis showed that good corporate governance is important not only for individual corporations to raise capital but also for an economy to achieve sustainable growth. This publication includes papers submitted to the "Conference on Corporate Governance in Asia: A Comparative Perspective" held in Seoul in March 1999. These papers describe vividly the corporate governance practices in the region and the recent changes largely prompted by the crisis. Also included are papers on corporate governance in major OECD countries, which serve as a good source of comparative information on this issue. This review is part of the OECD's ongoing co-operation with non-Member economies around the world.

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Table of Contents

Summary of the Meeting
Introduction by Joanna R. Shelton
Part 1. Corporate Governance: Comparative Trends
Corporate Governance Patterns in OECD Countries: Is Convergence Under Way? by Stilpon Nestor and John K. Thompson
-Latest Directions in Corporate Governance by Ian T. Dunlop
-The Legal and Institutional Preconditions for Strong Stock Markets: The Nontriviality of Securities Law by Bernard Black
-Comparative Corporate Governance Trends in Asia by Il Chong Nam, Yeongjae Kang, and Joon-Kyung Kim
Part II. Country Developments in Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance in Japan by Takahiro Yasui
-Disclosure and Corporate Governance: A Japanese Perspective by Hideki Kanda
-Corporate Governance in Korea by Il Chong Nam, Joon-Kyong Kim, Yeongjae Kang, Sung Wook Joh, and Jun-Il Kim
-Corporate Restructuring in Thailand and Korea by William P. Mako
-Chaebol Reform: The Missing Agenda in Corporate Governance by Yoon Youngmo
-Corporate Governance in Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong, China
-Corporate Governance in India by Pratip Kar
-Corporate Governance and Restructuring in Malaysia: A Review of Markets, Mechanisms, Agents, and the Legal Infrastructure by R. Thillainathan
-Corporate Governance Environment and Policy: Their Impact on Corporate Performance and Finance in the Philippines by Cesar G. Saldana
-Corporate Governance in Singapore: Current Practice and Future Developments by Mak Yuen Teen and Phillip H. Phan
-Corporate Governance: The Challenge Facing the Thai Economy by Deunden Nikomboriak and Somkiat Tangkitvanich
-Corporate Governance in Chinese Taipei by Chen-En Ko, Kung-Wha Ding, Chi-Chun Liu, Yin-Hua Yeh

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