Citizens as Partners

Citizens as Partners

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11 Oct 2001
9789264195561 (PDF) ;9789264195394(print)

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Governments are in a crisis of identity, some would say legitimacy, with election turnouts low in many OECD countries and a widespread feeling of disenchantment among citizens with government and the democratic process. Can governments do something to change this? Certainly, doing nothing is not an answer. What every country needs is more transparency, more consultation and more participation. This book is a unique source of comparative information on this challenging subject. It examines a wide range of country experiences, offers examples of good practice, highlights innovative approaches and identifies promising tools (including new information technologies). A set of ten guiding principles for engaging citizens in policy-making is proposed.
Also available in French, Croatian
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Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Part I. Strengthening Government-Citizen Relations
Section I. Why Strengthen Government-Citizen Relations?
Section II. Building Frameworks and Tools for Government-Citizen Relations
Section III. Developing Capacity for Evaluation
Section IV. Lessons, Challenges, and Opportunities for the Future
Part 2. From Policy to Practice: Lessons from Country Case Studies
Section V. Government-Citizen Relations in Action
-5.1. Country Case Studies in Information, Consultation and Participation
--Consulting on Health Policy in Canada
--Engaging Citizens in the Danish Health Care Sector
--Engaging the Poor in Policy-Making on Poverty and Social Exclusion in Flanders (Belgium)
--Public Consultation on Education Policy in the Czech Republic
--Access to Information on the Environment in the United States
--Public Work Programmes in Hungary
--Information and Consultation in the Field of Social Housing in France
--Using ICTs to Strengthen Government Transparency and Relations with Citizens in Korea
-Using Consensus Conferences on Genetically Modified Food in Norway

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