Young Drivers

Young Drivers

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04 sep 2006
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With traffic crashes being the single greatest killer of those aged 15-24 in OECD countries, this report provides an overview of the scope of the problem of young driver risk, its primary causes and concrete options to combat it.  It systematically examines the specifics of young driver crashes as well as the factors behind the risk such as drugs and alcohol, fatigue, skills acquired, and motivation for safe driving. It then examines countermeasures currently employed as well as new technological innovations which might be helpful.

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Table des matières

Executive Summary
Chapter 1. The Problem of Young, Novice Drivers
-Young Driver Crash Data
-Quantifying the Problem
-Basic Characteristics of Young, Novice Driver Risk
-Specifics of Young, Novice Driver Crashes
-The Costs of Young Driver Risk
-Countries at Different Levels of Motorisation
Chapter 2. Young Drivers' Behaviour and Risk Exposure: Factors Behind the Problem
-General "Nature" and "Nurture" Aspects of Young, Novice Driver Risk
-Acute Impairments
-The Acquisition of Driving Skills
-The Willingness to Drive Safely and Self-Assessment
-Risk-Enhancing Factors
Chapter 3. Countermeasures
-Issues Regarding Group Selection, Outcome Criteria, and the Value of Evaluation Studies
-The Imact of General Road Safety Measures on Young Driver Risk
-Classification of Licensing Ssytems in Use and Current Tools
-Effectiveness of Individual Elements in the Licensing Process
-Protective Measures for Solo Driving
-Influencing Safety Motivation in Solo Driving
-Young Male Drivers: In Search of Effective Measures
-A Survey of Experts' Views on the Potential Effectiveness of Countermeasures
Chapter 4. Areas for New Improvements
-Non-Regulatory Measures
-Technology-Based Solutions

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