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A series of conference proceedings on various transportation issues from the European Conference of Ministers of Transport, now known as the International Transport Forum.
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Tolls on Interurban Road Infrastructure: An Economic Evaluation

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15 jui 2002
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Strictly speaking, tolls are not a modern invention. Tolling is, in fact, an ancient tradition, with its origins rooted in history.
Tolling has served numerous and wide-ranging purposes across the ages. While initially providing right of way, tolls were later used to finance the building and maintenance of infrastructure, before becoming a means of internalising external costs and managing demand. Nowadays, two main arguments are put forward for the introduction of tolls: to meet funding requirements and to respond to society’s desire for efficient use of infrastructure. However, as this Round Table shows, tolls are not a universal panacea and the introduction of road tolls is a politically delicate issue.

The Round Table provides a broad view of both the theoretical aspects of tolling and the practical problems posed by its introduction. It takes a scientific look at what is a burning issue, at a time when a number of countries are envisaging the widespread adoption of electronic tolls.

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Table des matières

Retransferance and Conflict Potential by Introducing Tolls on Intercity Road Infrastructure
by Max Herry, Austria
1. Introduction
2. Initial acceptance
3. Transport demand reactions
4. Retransference
5. Final acceptance
6. Retransference: conclusion
7. Conflict potential
8. Conclusion 
Tolls on Interurban Road Infrastructure by Rafael Izquierdo and Jose Manuel Vassallo,  Spain
1. Introduction
2. Historical development and functions of tolls
3. Economic objectives of tolls
4. Problems with tolls
5. Conclusions
Annex: overview of policy regarding tolled motorways in Spain
The Microeconomic Impact of Introducing Tolls on Intercity Road Transport Infrastructure by Lionel Clement, France
1. Transport infrastructure charging: the conceptual framework
2. The microeconomic impact of tolls
3. Variable tolls and the conceptual charging framework 
Pricing Intercity Road Transport: Experiences in the Netherlands by Piet Rietveld, Netherlands
1. Introduction
2. Principles for pricing transport
3. Road transport in the netherlands
4. The marginal costs of road use in the Netherlands
5. Congestion pricing on expressways
6. Kilometre charge
7. Fuel tax
8. Distortions due to the fiscal system
9. Social acceptance of pricing measures
10. Conclusions
Annex: Details on marginal costs of road transport in the Netherlands
Note on Infrastructure Concession Regimes and Transport Policy by M. Ponti, Italy
Electronic toll collection - road pricing on slovakian motorways by T. Schlosser, Slovak Republic
-Round Table debate on reports

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