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Selected studies addressing the policy interface between trade and environment prepared for use within the OECD. They address such issues a liberalizing trade in goods that affect the environment, and trade in environmental goods and services.

Trade in Services Related to Climate Change

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Ronald Steenblik, Massimo Geloso Grosso
26 mai 2011
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The deployment of technologies for the mitigation of greenhouse-gases (GHGs) is dependent on a wide range of services, including those that are imported. Business services, telecommunications services, and construction and related engineering services figure prominently. This paper aims to develop a better understanding of the specific roles that these services play in helping to mitigate GHG emissions, and to identify the major suppliers and consumers. It presents examples and mini-case studies that explore how particular services complement the deployment of GHG mitigating technologies. With respect to the four modes of services trade, instances of mode 1 (cross-border trade) trade taking place over the Internet appear to be more commonplace, often complementing movement of personnel. Examples of mode 2 trade (consumption abroad) typically involve training of a client’s personnel. Mode 3 trade (commercial presence) is critical for the provision of services that entail construction and operation of production facilities. The temporary movement of natural persons (mode 4) is also common, especially where expert judgement or supervision is required for a short period of time.
environmental services, Business service, environmental goods, trade policy, climate change, trade and environment
Classification JEL:
  • F18: International Economics / Trade / Trade and Environment
  • L84: Industrial Organization / Industry Studies: Services / Personal, Professional, and Business Services
  • L86: Industrial Organization / Industry Studies: Services / Information and Internet Services ; Computer Software
  • N50: Economic History / Agriculture, Natural Resources, Environment, and Extractive Industries / General, International, or Comparative
  • Q42: Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics ; Environmental and Ecological Economics / Energy / Alternative Energy Sources
  • Q56: Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics ; Environmental and Ecological Economics / Environmental Economics / Environment and Development ; Environment and Trade ; Sustainability ; Environmental Accounts and Accounting ; Environmental Equity ; Population Growth
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