OECD Statistics on International Trade in Services

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The OECD Statistics on International Trade in Services database includes data from 1970 on trade in services by category of service, by partner countries and additional national items and memorandum items series for OECD countries.

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  • Trade in services - EBOPS 2002

    This dataset provides statistics on international trade in services by partner country and service category for 34 OECD countries plus the European Union (EU27), the euro area (EA17), the Russian Federation and Hong Kong, China as well as definitions...
  • Trade in services - EBOPS 2010

    This dataset aims to assemble and disseminate balance of payments data on trade in services at the most detailed partner-country and service-category level available. To the extent that countries report them, data are also broken down by type of service.
  • Trade in services: national classification items

    This dataset contains additional national data on international trade in services for Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Turkey and the United States. The data are reported within the framework of the fifth and sixth editions of the IMF's Balance of ...
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