Health at a Glance: Asia/Pacific

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  • 2010
Health at a Glance: Asia/Pacific 2010

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16 déc 2010
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9789264096202 (PDF) ; 9789264096189 (imprimé)

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This first edition of Health at a Glance: Asia/Pacific presents a set of key indicators of health status, the determinants of health, health care resources and utilisation, and health care expenditure and financing across 27 Asia/Pacific countries and economies in the Asia/Pacific region.  

Drawing on a wide range of data sources, it builds on the format used in previous editions of Health at a Glance: OECD Indicators, and gives readers a better understanding of the factors that affect the health of populations and the performance of health systems.  

Each of the 32 indicators in the book is presented in a user-friendly format, consisting of charts illustrating variations across countries and over time, brief descriptive analyses highlighting the major findings conveyed by the data, and a methodological box on the definition of the indicator and any limitations in data comparability. An annex provides additional information on the demographic contexts in which health systems operate. 

Table des matières

Chapter 1. Health Status
-Life expectancy at birth
-Infant mortality
-Under-5 mortality
-Mortality from all causes
-Mortality from cardiovascular disease
-Mortality from cancer
-Mortality from injuries
-Maternal mortality
Chapter 2. Determinants of Health
-Reproductive health
-Low birthweight
-Underweight and overweight
-Water and sanitation
Chapter 3. Health Care Resources and Utilisation
-Doctors and nurses
-Consultations with doctors
-Hospital beds and average length of stay
-Hospital discharges
-Pregnancy and birth
-Childhood vaccination
Chapter 4. Health Expenditure and Financing
-Health expenditure per capita
-Health expenditure in relation to GDP
-Financing of health care
-Health expenditure by funcction
-Health expenditure by provider
Annex A. National Data Sources
Annex B. Additional Information on Demographic and Economic Contexts
-Total mid-year population, thousands, 1960-2008
-Share of population aged 65 and over, 1960-65 and 2005-10
-Crude birth rate per 1000 population, 1960-2008
-Fertility rate, number of chilren per woman aged 15-49, 1960-65 and 2005-2010
-GDP per capita in 2008 and average annual growth rates, 1970-2008