Reduction of Capital Costs of Nuclear Power Plants

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08 fév 2000
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The competitiveness of nuclear power plants depends largely on their capital costs that represent some 60 per cent of their total generation costs. Reviewing and analysing ways and means to reduce capital costs of nuclear power plants are essential to enhance the economic viability of the nuclear option.

The report is based upon cost information and data provided by experts from NEA Member countries. It investigates the efficiency of alternative methods for reducing capital costs of nuclear units. It will provide stakeholders from the industry and governmental agencies with relevant elements in support of policy making.

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Table des matières

Executive Summary
-Overview of the Study
-Nuclear Power Status and Economics
-Capital Cost Data
Reduction of Capital Costs
-Increased Plant Size
-Improved Construction Methods
-Reduced Construction Schedule
-Design Improvement
-Improved Procurement, Organization, and Contractual Aspects
-Standardisation and Construction in Series
-Multiple Unit Construction
-Regulations and Policy Measures
-The ALWR Utility Requirements Document (URD)
-The European Utility Requirements (EUR)

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