Research and Development Expenditure in Industry

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This annual publication presents R&D expenditure data from the Analytical Business Enterprise Research and Development database (ANBERD) in ISIC Revision 3 for 19 OECD countries, as well as a zone total for the European Union.  The coverage of ANBERD includes 58 sectors, with an extended coverage of service sectors.

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Research and Development Expenditure in Industry 2009

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Research and Development Expenditure in Industry 2009

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28 mai 2009
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This 2009 edition of  Research and Development Expenditure in Industry provides statistical data on R&D expenditure broken down by industrial and service sectors.  Data are presented in national currency values.  Coverage is provided for 25 OECD countries and three non-member economies.

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Table des matières

Chapter 1. The OECD Analystical BERD Database: Explanations on its Development
-A. Limitations on the Official BERD Data
-B. The OECD Analytical BERD Database
-C. Updating ANBERD
Chapter II. ANBERD Estimates
-A. ANBERD Estimation Method for the United States
-B. ANBERD Estimation Method for Japan
-C. General Estimation Methods in ANBERD
-D. Product Field Data
COUNTRY TABLES (in national currencies and US$ using PPPs) showing Business Enterprises R&D Expenditures broken down by industrial sector, 1990 - 2007
-Czech Republic
-United Kingdom
-United States
-Russian Federation
-South Africa

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