OECD Studies on SMEs and Entrepreneurship

Mexico: Key Issues and Policies
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    29 avr 2013 Cliquez pour accéder:  Mexico: Key Issues and Policies
This publication takes stock of this progress and assesses the opportunities for further strengthening of the Mexican economy through SMEs and entrepreneurship.
    05 déc 2011 Cliquez pour accéder:  Intellectual Assets and Innovation
This study explores the relations between SME intellectual asset management, innovation and competitiveness in different national and sectoral contexts.
    16 nov 2011 Cliquez pour accéder:  Thailand: Key Issues and Policies
This book offers policy guidance for Thailand for fostering entrepreneurship and strengthening the performance of SMEs and their contribution to growth and development.
    03 nov 2010 Cliquez pour accéder:  High-Growth Enterprises
This report presents reports from 15 countries that provide interesting insights into the operations of and challenges faced by high-growth enterprises as well as a policy survey of 340 programmes in 24 countries.
    23 jui 2010 Cliquez pour accéder:  Poland: Key Issues and Policies
This book sets out the current SME and entrepreneurship climate, reviews SME and entrepreneurship issues and policies at national and local levels, and provides observations and recommendations for improving and supporting entrepreneurship and SMEs...
    20 mai 2010 Cliquez pour accéder:  SMEs, Entrepreneurship and Innovation
This book explores how government policy can boost innovation by improving the environment for entrepreneurship and small firm development and increasing the innovative capacities of enterprises.
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