OECD Reviews of Risk Management Policies

Trends in Risk Communication Policies and Practices
1993-4106 (en ligne)
1993-4092 (imprimé)
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This series presents a series of books examining the management of risk by governments in such areas as natural disasters, climate change, information security, nuclear energy, biotechnology and financial services.

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    20 oct 2016 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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Trends in Risk Communication Policies and Practices
This OECD report surveys current trends in risk communication policies and practices across OECD and partner countries. It seeks to understand why risk communication tools have failed and what OECD countries can do to improve the effectiveness of...
    18 avr 2016 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/governance/charting-illicit-trade_9789264251847-en
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Illicit Trade
This report assesses the magnitude, flows and drivers of illicit trade and the illegal economy including: narcotics, human trafficking, wildlife, sports betting, counterfeit medicines, alcohol and tobacco.
    07 déc 2015 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/governance/the-changing-face-of-strategic-crisis-management_9789264249127-en
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The Changing Face of Strategic Crisis Management
Strategically managing crises is an essential responsibility of governments. Often critical decisions need to be made swiftly under difficult and complex conditions, as crises’ impacts may spread beyond national borders and can trigger significant...
    18 déc 2014 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/governance/seine-basin-ile-de-france-2014-resilience-to-major-floods_9789264208728-en
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Seine Basin, Île-de-France, 2014: Resilience to Major Floods
This study examines flood risk prevention of the Seine in the Ile-de-France region. It highlights the impacts a major flood, like the one in 1910, could have on the well-being of citizens, city management and the economy.
    30 mai 2014 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/governance/boosting-resilience-through-innovative-risk-management_9789264209114-en
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Boosting Resilience through Innovative Risk Governance
This report examines what countries have achieved in terms of strengthening resilience through better risk management and identifies persisting challenges.
    11 juin 2013 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/governance/review-of-the-mexican-national-civil-protection-system_9789264192294-en
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OECD Reviews of Risk Management Policies: Mexico 2013
This review of Mexico's civil protection system looks at the coordination of central government, public and private industries, and state and local governments for the effective management of hurricanes, earthquakes and floods.
    10 août 2012 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/social-unrest_9789264173460-en
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Social Unrest
Aleksandar S. Jovanovic, Ortwin Renn, Regina Schröter
This report develops a framework for analysing social unrest within a complex understanding of systemic risk, identifying triggers and drivers for the emergence of social unrest and, based on this functional analysis, to design policy options for...
    26 juin 2012 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/systemic-financial-risk_9789264167711-en
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Systemic Financial Risk
This report analyses the results of simulations using an agent based model of financial markets to show how excessive levels of leverage in financial markets can lead to a systemic crash.
    04 août 2011 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/governance/future-global-shocks_9789264114586-en
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Future Global Shocks
This report provides strategic advice on preparing for and responding to potential global shocks.
    17 mai 2010 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/governance/etude-de-l-ocde-sur-la-gestion-des-risques-d-inondation-bassin-de-la-loire-france-2010_9789264056817-en
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Étude de l'OCDE sur la gestion des risques d'inondation: Bassin de la Loire, France 2010
Les évolutions urbanistiques, démographiques, et même climatiques, ont un impact sur les questions auxquelles doivent répondre les pays de l’OCDE en matière de protection de la vie et du bien-être des citoyens ou de garantie de la continuité de ...
    14 avr 2010 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/governance/oecd-reviews-of-risk-management-policies-italy-2010_9789264082205-en
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OECD Reviews of Risk Management Policies: Italy 2010
This OECD review of risk management policies focuses on the Italian civil protection system and its means to prepare for and react to earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, landslides and even volcanoes.
    25 fév 2009 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/governance/oecd-reviews-of-risk-management-policies-japan-2009_9789264050303-en
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OECD Reviews of Risk Management Policies: Japan 2009
This report looks at how Japan monitors, prepares for and responds to floods and earthquakes. It identifies good practices and areas where improvements could be made.
    22 fév 2007 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/social-issues-migration-health/oecd-reviews-of-risk-management-policies-sweden-2007_9789264027077-en
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OECD Reviews of Risk Management Policies: Sweden 2007
Focusing on fall-related injuries, this report looks at Sweden's policies in the area of older people's safety and well-being, seeking out and identifying good practices and areas where improvements could be made.
    11 avr 2006 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/science-and-technology/oecd-reviews-of-risk-management-policies-norway-2006_9789264025516-en
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OECD Reviews of Risk Management Policies: Norway 2006
The first in a series of reviews of various countries' risk management policies, this review identifies areas of good practice in Norway's policies for information security, as well as areas where improvements could be made.
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