Government at a Glance 2009
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Government at a Glance 2009

The actions and policies of government touch our daily lives in countless ways. Quantifying and measuring government actions can help leaders make better decisions, and can help to hold government accountable to its citizens. 

Government at a Glance is a new, biennial publication of the OECD providing over 30 indicators describing government performance. It compares the political and institutional frameworks of government across OECD countries, as well as government revenues, expenditures and employment. It also includes indicators describing government policies and practices in integrity, e-government and open government, and introduces several composite indexes summarising key aspects of public management practices in human resource management, budgeting and regulatory management. For each figure, the book provides a dynamic link (StatLink) which directs the user to a web page where the corresponding data are available in Excel® format.

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22 oct 2009
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Graphique 1.1 – General Government revenues as a percentage of GDP (1995 and 2006) You or your institution have access to this content

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1995, 2006
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General Government revenues as a percentage of GDP (1995 and 2006) appears in Government at a Glance 2009.