Cutting Red Tape

Administrative Simplification in Viet Nam
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This series examines how governments can reduce red tape in their administrations.  Some of the reports are country-specific, and some look at various issues across a number of countries.
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    24 jan 2011 Cliquez pour accéder:  Administrative Simplification in Viet Nam
In 2007, Vietnam launched "Project 30" with the goal of reducing administrative procedures by 30%. This report details Project 30 and explores how Viet Nam can rapidly bring about its full potential.
    24 jan 2011 Cliquez pour accéder:  Administrative Simplification in Poland
This report reviews Poland's administration simplification programme with the aim of helping Poland to make the programme and its implementation more efficient.
    27 sep 2010 Cliquez pour accéder:  Why Is Administrative Simplification So Complicated?
This book provides policy makers with guidance on the available tools as well as and explains common mistakes to be avoided when designing, undertaking and evaluating administrative simplification programmes.
    25 sep 2007 Cliquez pour accéder:  Administrative Simplification in the Netherlands
The report describes the key features of the Dutch programme of administrative simplification including the measurement of burdens, the use of incentives and targets, and whole-of-government co-ordination.
    25 sep 2007 Cliquez pour accéder:  Comparing Administrative Burdens across Countries
Cutting red tape has become a priority in OECD countries. This pilot study measures and compares administrative burdens in the transport sector across eleven member countries: Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, New...
    28 nov 2006 Cliquez pour accéder:  Cutting Red Tape
Red tape is burdensome to companies, inhibits entrepreneurship, and reduces competitiveness. This book examines country strategies and tools for reducing red tape and the institutional frameworks set up to reduce red tape, and finds what the trends ...
    02 juin 2003 Cliquez pour accéder:  From Red Tape to Smart Tape
"Too much red tape" is a common complaint from businesses and citizens in OECD countries. This report analyses proven approaches commonly adopted by governments to reduce and streamline administrative procedures like one-stop shops (physical and ...
    24 sep 2001 Cliquez pour accéder:  Businesses' Views on Red Tape
Businesses’ Views on Red Tape provides the first opportunity to systematically compare data across 11 OECD countries. The data show how small and medium-sized enterprises perceive national administrative and regulatory costs. Regulations and ...
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