Policy Issues in Insurance

Risk Awareness, Capital Markets and Catastrophic Risks
1990-0821 (en ligne)
1990-083X (imprimé)
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This series addresses major concerns of economic, political and social actors in the insurance sector, and covers a wide scope of regulatory and supervisory issues, such as: investment regulation, solvency assessment, management of insolvency, insurance contract law, mandatory insurance, reinsurance, taxation of insurance products, accountability, convergence in the financial services industry, policy holder protection.

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  N° 14   12 août 2011 Cliquez pour accéder:  Risk Awareness, Capital Markets and Catastrophic Risks
Includes reports on initiatives to promote natural hazard awareness and disaster risk reduction education, the role of financial markets in financial mitigation of large-scale risks, mechanisms used to quantify catastrophe losses, and hazard risk...
  N° 13   28 jan 2011 Cliquez pour accéder:  The Impact of the Financial Crisis on the Insurance Sector and Policy Responses
This special report assesses the impact of the crisis on the insurance sector and reviews policy responses within OECD countries.
  N° 12   05 sep 2008 Cliquez pour accéder:  Financial Management of Large-Scale Catastrophes
Contains three reports focusing on different institutional approaches to the financial management of large-scale catastrophes, the role of risk mitigation and insurance in reducing the impact of natural disasters, and the importance of strategic...
  N° 11   05 déc 2006 Cliquez pour accéder:  Medical Malpractice
This publication surveys and assesses various types of mechanisms and reforms implemented and refined in OECD countries that best limit and indemnify medical accidents.
  N° 10   01 déc 2005 Cliquez pour accéder:  Reforming the Insurance Market in Russia
This book presents an in-depth historical and analytical review of the reform process in the Russian insurance sector.
  N° 9   05 jui 2005 Cliquez pour accéder:  Terrorism Risk Insurance in OECD Countries
This book presents OECD policy conclusions and leading academic analysis on the financial management of terrorism risk nearly four years after the World Trade Centre attacks.
  N° 8   06 jui 2005 Cliquez pour accéder:  Catastrophic Risks and Insurance
These conference proceedings present academic analysis, country reports, and financial/insurance company assessments on how to handle losses caused by large-scale catastrophes including terrorism and atmospheric perils.
  N° 7   25 mars 2004 Cliquez pour accéder:  Insurance in the Baltic Countries
This book contains papers presenting overviews of various aspects of the Baltic insurance market along with papers examining specific policy issues.
  N° 6   31 oct 2003 Cliquez pour accéder:  Environmental Risks and Insurance
This report focuses on the role of insurance and reinsurance companies in the management of environmental risks - environmental pollution risk and natural catastrophe risk in particular.
  N° 5   28 jui 2003 Cliquez pour accéder:  Insurance and Expanding Systemic Risks
This volume contains an in-depth analysis of the assessment, management and compensation of the so-called "expanding systemic risks", to which market players and insurers are exposed.
  N° 4   23 jui 2003 Cliquez pour accéder:  Assessing the Solvency of Insurance Companies
This book presents an in-depth analysis on the assessment and the management of the major technical and financial risks insurance companies have to face.
  N° 3   27 mai 2001 Cliquez pour accéder:  Insurance Regulation, Liberalisation and Financial Convergence
This publication provides an in-depth analysis of the main features of insurance regulation and supervision in OECD countries, as well as of liberalisation and financial convergence.
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