Sustainable Materials Management

Sustainable Materials Management

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17 oct 2012
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Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) is increasingly recognised as a policy approach that can make a key contribution to green growth and the challenges that are posed by sustained global economic and demogarphic growth. One of the key challenges of the SMM approach is to effectively address the environmental impacts that can occur along the life-cycle of materials, which frequently extends across borders and involves a multitude of different economic actors.   This book outlines a series of policy principles for SMM, examines how to set and use targets for SMM, and explores various policy instruments for SMM.  In addition it provides examples of policy action plans from the UK and the Netherlands, before presenting a series of conclusions and recommendations.
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  • Preface

    In the 20th century the world population grew 4 times, economic output 22 times and fossil fuel consumption 14 times. The total volume of material extracted or harvested worldwide reached nearly 60 billion metric tons per year in 2007, a 65% increase from 1980 and an estimated 8 fold increase over the last century.

  • Acronyms
  • Overview and Recommendations

    Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) is increasingly recognised as a policy approach that can make a key contribution to green growth. The way economies use material resources determines to a significant extent what environmental pressures are being generated and SMM can help to better manage this linkage. OECD countries are currently implementing a broad range of policies that are relevant to this approach...

  • Résumé et recommandations

    Le rôle décisif que peut jouer la gestion durable des matières (GDM) dans la croissance verte est de mieux en mieux perçu. La manière dont les économies utilisent les ressources matérielles conditionne largement les pressions exercées sur l’environnement, et la GDM peut aider à mieux maîtriser cette équation. Les pays de l’OCDE mettent actuellement en oeuvre un large éventail de mesures dans ce domaine...

  • SMM principles

    This chapter proposes four broad SMM policy principles as guidance for specific governmental policies to shift the behaviour of economic actors and human societies toward meeting their material needs without destabilising natural systems. The chapter provides a description and rationale for each of the SMM policy principles along with suggested strategies for implementation and examples of national applications by OECD member countries.

  • Setting and using targets for SMM: Opportunities and challenges

    Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) and the concept of addressing waste issues by looking at the value chain are well accepted components of sustainable consumption and production (SCP) and waste policy. However, both face a number of challenges in implementation including the establishment of effective targets. The purpose of this chapter is to explore the opportunities, challenges and important considerations faced by policy makers when setting and implementing SMM-related targets.

  • Policy instruments for sustainable materials management

    This chapter seeks to identify current sustainable materials management policy instruments across OECD countries. A review of selected SMM policy instruments evaluates the extent to which the instruments are efficient and effective at achieving SMM. Lessons learned from existing policy implementation are then used to formulate conclusions and recommendations for the structure of future SMM policy instruments.

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