World Energy Outlook

International Energy Agency

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The International Energy Agency’s annual energy projections. Based on scenarios, these projections compare what will happen if policies remain the same and what might happen if policies were improved. Each edition tends to have a particular geographical or policy focus.

World Energy Outlook 2003

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International Energy Agency

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05 nov 2003
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World energy demand will raise by two-thirds between now and 2030, and the world economy will falter if these energy supplies are not available. How much investment will be required to satisfy this need and can it be financed?

The WEIO 2003 from the IEA answers these questions in a first-ever attempt to quantify global energy investment needs, fuel by fuel and region by region.

The numbers are daunting. The global financial system has the capacity to fund the required investment, but are the conditions right?

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Table des matières

Executive Summary
Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Global Energy Investment Needs to 2030
Chapter 3. Financing Global Energy Investment
Chapter 4. Oil
Chapter 5. Natural Gas
Chapter 6. Coal
Chapter 7. Electricity
Chapter 8. Advanced Technologies
Annex 1. Tables of Investment, Supply and Infrastructure Projections
Annex 2. Methodology
Annex 3. Definitions, Abbreviations and Acronyms

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