Review of Recent Developments and Progress in Labour Market and Social Policy in Israel

Review of Recent Developments and Progress in Labour Market and Social Policy in Israel

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21 mai 2013
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This report presents the OECD's assessment of recent developments in Israel in the area of labour market and social policy. It focuses on recent trends in poverty and employment outcomes and policy development to improve employment opportunities, especially for the Arab and Haredi communities.

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Table des matières

Acronyms and abbreviations
Summary of main findings
Chapter 1. Key labour market and social policy developments

-Social protest in Summer 2011
Chapter 2. Labour market policy
-Labour law reform and enforcement
-Collective agreements and social dialogue
-Support for the unemployed
Chapter 3. Policies towards minority groups
-Education for minority groups
-Enhancing the economic prospects of minorities
Chapter 4. Recent developments in pensions, disability, early childhood education and housing policy
-Helping people with disabilities into employment
-Combating pensioner poverty
-Strengthening care and education during the early years
-Support with housing costs
Chapter 5. Foreign and cross-border workers and asylum seekers
-Bilateral agreements are slowly changing recruitment processes
-Quotas are not being reduced
-Mechanisms to favour employment of Israelis are undeveloped
-Mixed evidence of increased enforcement, but more civil suits and better informed workers
-Favouring Palestinian workers over other foreign workers
-The system for managing skilled migration remains undeveloped
Annex A. Background data to the review

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